Monday, March 02, 2009

Frankfurt food in Moscow

Raclette probably isn't from Germany...but when I think raclette, I think Frankfurt, which is where I first enjoyed this style of eating. Today, I took my raclette set out for the first time since leaving Frankfurt 3 years ago and had a feast.

The set's been in storage since Frankfurt days cos I couldn't find raclette cheese in London. Also, Eddie hates that it stinks up the house plus he's not a fan of raclette. Well, two weeks ago, I found raclette cheese in Metro (a supermarket), happiness! Bought more than 1kg back, thinking we could have people over for a raclette party. But I've been sick for 2 weeks, cough is gone but nose is blocked...appetite is as good as ever though.

Well, I finally decided we'll just have our own party, just the two of us, today! Two of us as in Brian and Mummy, the only two huge fans of raclette. So at exactly 11am, ie, right after Eddie stepped out the door to fly off for a business trip, we turned on the grill! Hopefully, by the time he gets back, the house will no longer stink.

When you have raclette, you've gotta use raclette cheese. Once in Germany, someone tried using other cheeses, and it didn't work out at all. While the Caucasians have their raclette with potato, gherkins, that kind of stuff; we have ours with marinated beef, prawns, mushrooms, onions, garlic...very much like Korean bbq, but combined with melted raclette cheese, it's just out of this world.

What you do is grill whatever it is that you like, for us, it's beef, prawns, mushrooms, for others, it could be sausages, capsicum, zucchini. Each diner then places a thin slice of raclette cheese into his individual cheese tray and slides it under the grill. My raclette set has 8 trays. Once the cheese has melted to your preferred consistency (some like it melty, some like it slightly burnt), scrape it with your personal wooden spatula (comes with the set) on to the grilled food you've placed on your plate. That's it, makan time.

Best downed with red wine.


petite fleur said...

OOOhhhh. I love raclette. We have it often chez moi. But ours seem so boring compared to yours. I've got to try adding more stuff the next time.

*off to buy some raclette*

Lilian said...

haha, yours is probably European-style, ie lots of potatos. Mine is Asian-style; I really love raclette with prawns, the combination is oooh so shiok. Also like it with mushrooms while Brian likes his with beef. And sausage too, he actually remembered we used to have sausages with raclette. I had forgotten.

Post pictures of your raclette party! :)

bACk in GERMANY said...

Actually I also know Germans who eat like you raclette like you do!

The cheese smells great when it's melted. I know, I had friends who swore that they wouldn't eat raclette, but later changed their minds when the cheese was melted.

Hee... there was once we smuggled a kg of raclette cheese up the plane to bring back to Sg.
Yep, how not to include the cheese when you give someone a raclette set?
Luckily no one picked up the scent... ;)

Lilian said...

Yeah yeah, the raclette smells really nasty before you taste it! haha, a bit like belacan, really stinky.

Raclette set in Frankfurt so cheap huh? When Lidl/Aldi carry it, it's only 20E? I got mine as a Christmas present from Karen (Kyra's mum). So useful.

The strange thing was that I couldn't find the cheese at all in London. Could be in some specialty cheese shop, but I just couldn't find any. So geram.

You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this here in Moscow! Unlike in Frankfurt though, it doesn't come sliced, so I gotta slice it myself, and it doesn't come out as thin as I would have liked it. Mmmmmhhhh, still shiok.

monlim said...

Wah, it sounds delicious!!!! I've never heard of it, let alone try it. I bet Lesley-Anne would love it too, she adores all kinds of cheese. So what happened to Sean when you and Brian were having your feast??

Lilian said...

It is Monica, it really is. L-A is really adventurous huh.

My little fussy pot had maggi mee (Indomie Mee Goreng) for lunch. For dinner, I gave him rice with fried egg and a few slices of grilled beef. At first, he didn't want the beef but later said hmm, it's actually quite nice.

And yes, I had raclette for both lunch and dinner. Might as well lah, since the set was already out of the box.

monlim said...

Actually, I've been quite lucky, both my kids quite adventurous with food, but esp L-A. My very good friend is French and everytime we go to her place, it's a culinary adventure - foie gras, escargot, several types of stinky cheese, smoked duck, L-A loves them all! That's why no problem when travelling lah. But of course, Andre's first love will always be fastfood.

Lilian said...

You are really lucky. I'm very adventurous too when it comes to food, but I seem to gravitate towards the sinful stuff, like foie gras, cheese, caviar, etc which Eddie will not touch. Brian may slowly be taking after me. He's like me in at least one aspect, can take spicy food. Sean is already 6 and still won't try even a bit of curry.

Alcovelet said...

Gosh. I don't even like fondue, but I'm reading on that even if I don't, I might still like raclette. Makes me want to try cos I normally love all things cheese!

Lilian said...

Ad, me no likey fondue either. Raclette is something else altogether. I'm sure you'll like it. Guess what I had for lunch AND dinner? hehe.