Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sleepover marathon

Since coming back from Singapore about 4 weeks ago, Brian has had 4 consecutive sleepovers on Fridays. He missed the first one, a biggie, Nate's birthday sleepover, because he only returned to school that very day. To say he was disappointed and despondent would be a huge understatement, 10 kids were attending the party. The next Friday he did attend Eric M's birthday sleepover. Then Eric K had him over two Fridays ago for regular sleepover. And this Friday, we had Eric M over. The boys played xbox till 5am! I will soon have to limit the sleepovers to at most (yes Brian, that's AT MOST) twice a month lest he expects it to be a weekly thing.


monlim said...

Sleepovers are such fun! Tell Brian he shd be thankful he can have them so often - they're practically non-existent in SG since all kids seem to have 1001 ECAs and commitments to adhere to.

What's with the kitties??

Lilian said...

haha, just a picture of two subjects sleeping lah...typing "sleepover" on google image renders mainly pictures of girl sleepovers.

Alcovelet said...

Google image notwithstanding, boy sleepovers don't raise as much parental concern, no? We used to have sleepovers, but only when we were in our teens. I remember making coconut candy and sharing it in front of the tv in those days of yore.

Lilian said...

My mum was extremely strict with me, so I never got to attend sleepovers, not once. Even when my friends came by to ask her permission.

But what all that strictness and control did was just make me more creative in getting up to no-good.