Monday, February 09, 2009

Sean's Animal Research Presentation

To show kids that the library is not just a place to find fun books to read, but a great place to find information, Sean's school got the kids to research an animal of his/her choice. So each student checks out a book about an animal and uses the book as one resource to complete a poster. Other resources may include the internet, books from home, magazines etc.

In the note to parents, it says, "Please support your children with the research, but allow them to create their own poster. The students will present their animal to the class with an oral presentation. Encourage your child to rehearse the presentation so he/she feels confident presenting the information."

Checklist for the kids.

Sean's animal of choice was, unsurprisingly, a Tortoise...but he couldn't find a book specifically on Tortoise, instead he brought home one on Turtles. I was keen to help him and printed some information from the internet, but this fella would have none of it. He had to do things his way. Wouldn't take any suggestions from me, AT ALL.

I remember when Brian had Show and Tell, around Nursery or K1. Sometimes when the inspiration strikes, I'd do very elaborate projects with him (this is before I had internet at home); he was always appreciative. It was always obvious that the work he handed in was mostly done by me...but the teachers and principal would ooh and aah at the marvelous information to be shared -- hehe, I even got a Best Parent Award one year.

But do I get to do anything this time? NYET! Sean only used his library book, didn't want any help whatsoever from me. It was so torturous for me to see him work on his poster, ohhh, what could have been :) He's so Tortoise-obsessed that instead of writing Turtle, he first wrote Tortoise on his poster. When I told him his book was on Turtles, he went Ooops, but refused to make any changes and continued using the word Tortoise instead of Turtle.

It was only last night that he agreed to let me paste over the words Tortoise and he then replaced them with Turtles, cos lots of the information he gave pertained to Turtles, not Tortoises! I told him he would be giving WRONG information to his classmates and will be demoted to a lower grade. He conceded reluctantly, going, "ohhhkayyy..."

And unlike Brian who would compliantly rehearse his presentation, Sean says he doesn't want to memorise anything (he says he doesn't have a good memory) cos he can just read off the poster. Grrrrrrr!!

Presenting Sean's Turtle poster...aaarrrggghhhh, help someone shield my eyes!!!  And yes, in case you're wondering, the panel showing some red colour is a tortoise which has been chopped up; Sean got carried away and incorporated the storyline in the Tortoise Talk pretend play he does with Brian, which has taken on a life of its own, but that's another story altogether.  


Alcovelet said...

His drawing of a tortoise, uh, a turtle is really good! (Good thing he tucked the feet in or he'll have to explain the toenails as grit on the flippers *grin*.) I especially like the sassy turtle on the top right hand corner of the poster saying, "Yeah!"

Lilian said...

He better know how to draw tortoises, since he's so obsessed with them. Actually, obsessed is really putting it mildly.

When we were back in Sg, I wanted to take him to Chinese Gardens, heard there were tortoises there...but too lazylah, as usual.

monlim said...

Very very cute what! The doodle type picture is very in now. Looks like something that came out of a very cool children's book.

And looks like Sean is the spontaneous sort huh? Quite typical of last born mentality, like Andre. Brian and L-A are different - everything must prepare to death otherwise get nervous.

Lilian said...

Not spontaneous-lah, just lazy. Brian wouldn't bother preparing actually if I didn't make him, just that he's more compliant and will do what I 'suggest', unlike the little fella.

Domestic Goddess said...

Whoa I love it! What a cool piece of work. The drawings are fantastic too. Your post is again so hilarious. :D Take him to Kranji countryside. There are farms there with lots of tortoises.

Lilian said...

Wahhh, Kranji very least Chinese Gardens is just across the MRT. But if you know me, chances are we'll never make it to either one hehe. Sean will just have to make do with his imaginary tortoise friends.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Didn't you mention somewhere that Sean loves his pet tortoise? What's her name again? Mary? oops... just back-clicked to confirm that I haven't been imagining things... hehehe.

Bravo Sean!
This one will win any teacher's heart coz it's a genuine piece of work, all done by himself. Don't be surprised when he comes back with a Best Student Award. :)

I think the animated story he included just shows how creative he is.

I give full marks for all the effort, creativity and pretty colours! This far exceeds what a P1 student can do here.

Lilian said...

Yo PP, good to have you back here hee hee...pressure pressure.

I don't think it exceeds P1 work lah...but he did enjoy working on his project and presenting it. He said his classmates and teacher laughed the whole time; and yes, he did bring out the hand-talking tortoise for the finale.

Not that he was ever gonna get a Best Student Award, but this school does not do Best this or Best that...everyone's equal remember? They try to make elementary schooling as unthreatening and uncompetitive as possible, well, that's the impression I get. Which I'm beginning to feel is a good thing.

The boys are having a week-long break and were reading your comment at the same time I was. Sean was grinning and at the end Brian said, "And do you know, BackinGermany is a teacher?" Wahhh, your praises hold a lot of clout in Brian's eyes :)

bACk in GERMANY said...

Are you serious? How many P1 kids know anything about carapace and plastron? You got to be kidding me!
Way way way past what a P1 can do here.

*blush* Tell Brian no need to take my comments so seriously... I ain't no LATBG! If he happens to take German in future, I'd be thankful if he doesn't sleep in my class :o)

Lilian said...

Aiyah, Carapace and Plastron are from the book he used for 'research' mah.

You're too modest...I can tell you're a wonderful teacher. Must angkat first, remember to make him your star student okay?

Lilian said...

Okay PP, I've gotta say you're scaring me with your scary memory. You remember Mary? And LATBG? And there were loads of other stuff you remembered too, I just can't remember now what they are! haha.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Yes, my memory is scary or was scarily good... I got scared on my first day of work. An ex-student came back and asked me who she was.... I was like, erm, erm... Sorry, I can't really remember your name!

Usually I'm quick with names and faces, but nothing is like before I had kids. And after having done nothing at home for the past 3.5 years, I find it hard to concentrate now... I finally got the names of the kids I teach now right... after 3 weeks!
Apparently, I also cannot remember some uni people I used to hang out with. Only realised that when I met up with some old friends in Germany a couple of years ago.

So, my memory is less scary now... :)

bACk in GERMANY said...

Btw, I only learnt about carapace and plastron when I heard Bryan talking about them. I had to google to check if my son was talking sense.
And then he came home talking about the moon waxing and waning and the gibbous moon etc...
But that's because he had a brilliant teacher when he was 4.
Now he's just crazy about printing out life-cycles of insects here in Sg without even knowing why he needs to print them off the Internet.

Lilian said...

Yeah, from your posts, I knew Bryan had a really good and inspiring teacher in Frankfurt. American school right? I love that he picks up so much knowledge from school and remembers them so well too. Seems like an auditory learner?

bACk in GERMANY said...

Yes... That teacher's so inspiring... Bryan probably learnt most in that year. Or I think i can safely say that was his kindergarten education.

Yep, he's quite an auditory learner. Btw, it was amazing how he started singing the national anthem. I had to correct him constantly. Now I think he's 90% correct without any knowledge of Malay or reading of the lyrics.

I think he learns fastest when it's a song or a rhyme. That's why he can remember his planets so well.

Lilian said...

He must have gotten the auditory learner bit from you, seeing that you're a language expert. With this and his excellent memory, Bryan would definitely do really well in university lecture/tutorial style setting.