Thursday, February 19, 2009

Polydimensional what?

Brian was clearing his desk and was about to just dump some books above nicely-arranged books, and I said, "NOT THERE!! Put the books back where they're supposed to be. There's a place for everything!"

Sean immediately jumps in with, "Mummy, if you say there's a place for everything, where's the place for a polydimensional hyper nuclear-reactor-powered cube?"



monlim said...

Hahaha! Where does he think up stuff like that? If I were you, I'll just make up an answer, like "in that plastic bag".

Lilian said...

Yeah, I should try to get better at making up answers.

In the pretend play that he and Brian engage in all the time, Sean apparently has a lab and this polywhatever cube is something he invented, it is the most powerful thing in his lab and shoots out lasers of energy.

Sean: "The energy of the lasers is so powerful it can melt the shell of a tortoise. It has so much radiation it can make your stomach burst and make tentacles and blades come out from it."


Domestic Goddess said...

My jaw just dropped!!

Lilian said...

DG: I think this is what happens when boys play pretend. You'll be getting your share of such talk soon, having 2 boys and all.