Sunday, February 15, 2009

Petronas advert on filial piety

I love Petronas ads. This one, from Hari Raya 2006, has a message for all of us on how to treat our old folks. I'm also showing this to the boys so I won't end up in a JB nursing home (unless it's a high-class luxurious retirement village with spa facilities lah.)

The background song accompanying the advert has meaningful lyrics, and I cry every time I watch this.


petite fleur said...

I didn't know about this until recently & have gone watched all their past CNY, Hari Raya & Deepavali ads.

Very well done & meaningful. Any idea which ad agency handled the ads ?

Lilian said...

I'm not sure about which ad agency but I know at least a few were done by Yasmin Ahmad (director of "Sepet" movie). There's a very cute National Day one with this Chinese boy, search "Tan Hong Ming" on Youtube.

There's another Hari Raya one, which is really sad, but it's from many years ago, so I don't think it's on Youtube. About a pair of poor siblings living in the kampung with their mum. On Raya day, we see them saying goodbye to their mum, as they leave for the city (reluctantly) to visit their father, who has remarried. They arrive in a mansion, and their father and stepmother open the front door. Stepmother doesn't welcome the kids and we see the father telling the kids to go back home. Or something like that, can't quite remember now, been many years. But I can never forget that advert, cried buckets, cursing that shithead of a father. Ptooooi!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, they behaved and talked as if he is not around! I like the last part! Think most people are so caught up with their own lives that they forgot abt what has been. TFS this Lilian. :)

Lilian said...

You're welcome Sandy. I like the last part too. Old man and his daughter acted really well.