Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mid-week tiff

Earlier this week, I got upset with Brian one morning and took away something I promised he could have and he was so upset and shouted, "YOU LIED!" I shouted some pretty nasty stuff myself. Sean, who was all ready for school, waiting near the entrance, said out loud to himself, "When I grow up to be 11 years old, I'm not going to have an argument like that with my mother." I'm noting this down so I can hold him to his promise :)

Brian left for school with a face like thunder. I was a little upset the entire day cos Brian and I have not argued in a very, very, long time. We went through an angsty period last year but for months, he's been mostly sensible, helpful, understanding and very sweet, apologising quickly for anything he did which upset me.

We've talked lots about looking out for the crazy pre-teen angsty years, to be understanding with each other as he goes through crazy hormonal changes that may turn him into a Taz Devil anytime. I thought, uh-oh, is this the start of the Taz Devil stage? Happily, when I saw him after school, he just smiled at me...I thought maybe he had forgotten about our tiff, as he had in the past, and I'd been left seething by myself the entire day.

But he apologised and said he felt bad in school when he thought about what he did and how he shouldn't have shouted at me. I looked at him cynically till he had to repeat, "I'm really sorry, Mummy." So promises were made that will probably be broken another day but for then, it was all good again.


Alcovelet said...

Aiyo, Brian is so sensitive to Mummy. This stage and the next just worries me when I think about it cos my son is so not compliant. Keep us posted as to what's happening on this front!!

Lilian said...

With so much love for him and all the time you're spending with him, trust me, RK will be extremely sensitive to you.

Aiyah, even this post, I had to think first cos he doesn't want me to write about it. He's asleep now, hopefully when he wakes up and reads this, he realises I haven't painted him in a bad light. I reckon he'll want a bigger say about what I can and cannot write about him very very soon.

monlim said...

I think this post makes Brian appear very mature and considerate, so he has nothing to worry about! If I had a tiff with Lesley-Anne, she'll never apologise graciously, at most with a reluctant mutter.

Sigh... that age is drawing near huh? Looks like we'll have more to share on the teenage angst real soon!

Lilian said...

Thanks Mon. He read it quietly just now, and didn't ask for the post to be deleted, so he's fine with it.

I can't imagine our parents ever having a lousy day just cos we were mad at them. I never dared raise my voice at my mum, much less shout at her.

Ahhh...the teenage years are upon us...God preserve our sanity!

monlim said...

Same here, I would never dare answer back to my mum, no matter how unreasonable or unrealistic she was (and looking back, there were plenty of those!)

Ah well, different times... thank God we have each other to vent to!