Sunday, February 08, 2009

Math Town

Something Sean drew on Friday night while Brian was busy having his friend over to stay. Sean calls it Math Town. The inhabitants of Math Town include symbols depicting pi, infinity, fractions, decimals, percentage, tangent, sine, cosine, fractions, roots. Obviously influenced by all the Murderous Math books he's been reading the past few weeks. He's suddenly gotten hooked on the books, reading them one after another; definitely not understanding that much but enjoying them loads nevertheless. He's always showing the funny bits that he finds so ticklish to my friends...convenient targets are the 'nicer' uncles and aunties who'll entertain him, eg Lynn, Eugene, May and Alan.

Sean seems to think Math is learnt in a linear manner. He says one learns addition first, then subtraction, followed by multiplication, division, squaring numbers, finding roots, learning about shapes and angles, number patterns and fractions, all of which he says (deludedly I have to add) he has mastered. I did agree with him when he thought adding fractions is harder than multiplying them; and that dividing fractions is easy cos "you only need to flip the second term and then it becomes multiplying fractions". Unfortunately, he also has the notion that algebra is the hardest part in all of Mathematical knowledge, boyoboy, is he in for a nasty surprise.


Alcovelet said...

Tks for posting on Sean. He's such a cutie and a smarty pants to boot! It's great he draws out things to flesh out what's in his head. This guy is really something!

Lilian said...

Thanks for being interested :) The post actually arose from your email asking what the boys are up to. So I don't need to reply your email ah.

Anonymous said...

Sean is so cute! The residents for this town are all the different sighs, he even drew eyes on them, so cute! ^_^


Lilian said...

Haha Chris, I didn't think anyone would notice the eyes :)

Anonymous said...

It's good that he thinks that Math is easy! LOL! At least there won't be any phobia (not that your boys will have lah). Very creative! I will definitely file it!
PS: MM books are great, aren't they? I just made a recommendation to the sch library to purchase MM, HH etc.

Lilian said...

Hey Sandy, your first comment :) Yes, I can't recommend MM highly probably saved my sanity, never needed to teach Brian very much math, almost everything in primary syllabus (and more) has been covered by MM. Phew...and Double Phew that Sean likes them too now, he didn't like them before.