Friday, February 20, 2009

KK 2009: Tea Time!

*Pictures from Jan 2009

KK-ites take their Tea Time seriously, maybe even more so than the English! I say this cos I notice coffee shops are busiest around 330-5pm. I was puzzled at first, cos don't people need to work? There's no tea time culture where I'm from in Malacca. Often, we are so stuffed when we have tea in KK that our dinner is completely spoiled.

I think all KK-ites will know this place. It's my favourite Tea Time coffeeshop, in Damai. This picture was taken at about 130pm, before peak period. The fella who prepares coffee/tea does it solo! He's paid a handsome salary by Malaysian-standards to do this, cos the orders come fast and furious. This shop is also famous for its kaya toast; you can have it toasted...but I prefer having the bread untoasted, cos its just so soft and delicious the way it is. I found someone who blogged about this place and there are photos of the soft, fluffy, bread here ooooh...


What we pack back home on a daily basis. S.I.N.F.U.L.!!

My favourite kind of nasi lemak, simple no-frills.

The meesiam is so fragrant too, but I think the standard has dropped from past years. In the past, I could eat 4 packs of these at a go.

I'm a sucker for economical beehoon, and this shop sells really delicious "keng chai mai fun". Only RM1 a pack without adding any stuff. You can opt to add curry taufu, and lots of other stuff, which Eddie and his sisters like to do. I like mine plain, so only RM1 :)

Fried mee and chicken wings are good too. Just across this shop though, a few Malay boys set up stall at 2pm everyday, selling bbq chicken wings which are ooooh so fantastic, forgot to take pictures, I usually start eating them in the car on the way home!

I have Iced Teh C for tea every day, this shop makes really kick-a$$ drinks! I'm craving for a sip of Iced Teh C right now.

Lest I give the impression that food is cheap in KK from the RM1 beehoon, I have to emphasise KK food is bloody expensive! Even more so than KL. Drinks in particular are really pricey. A bowl of kueyteow for breakfast costs about RM6-7!! In my beloved Malacca, I can have breakfast for RM3-4, drinks included. Not knocking KK or anything, the food is delicious, but coffeeshop prices are outrageous. Restaurant-pricing is actually more reasonable...will recommend a couple of restaurants later.


Roslyn said...

Friend, you're making me very hungry here!

Lilian said...

Friend, join the club!

monlim said...

Reading this blog at night is hazardous to your health. I'm now craving chicken wings and nasi lemak. I heard that food prices in Malaysia has gone up drastically over the past few years. It's starting to sound like SG prices!

Lilian said...

Yes, food prices in Malaysia went up a lot it's crazy. I was in KL Pavillion (shopping centre) foodcourt a year or so ago, and was shocked by the price for a cup of ice milo RM4!! Everything else was so expensive too. In Singapore, hawker centre food was relatively more affordable than in Malaysian cities for many years, and only started becoming more expensive this past year.

petite fleur said...

Wow these look really good.
Darn I didn't have mee siam nor nasi lemak when I was back home. So much food so little time.

Lilian said...

It's always the same story when we head back for vacation...dream about all the food we wanna eat, but end up being too full most of the time and not getting to eat all that we had mapped out in our makan plans.