Friday, February 20, 2009

KK 2009: MIL's Home-Cooked Food

*Pictures from Jan 2009

My mum-in-law is a wonderful cook and her Cantonese soup is top-notch. For example, this pot of soup has at least 3 different types of roots/melons; she boils her soup with both pork and chicken.


Fishballs specially added for Sean.

Simple meal but utterly delicious. We were only back for 8 days so didn't get to eat too many home-cooked meals. The boys ate at home most of the time though. Eddie and I would go out during the day (buy dvds, have massages etc) and my MIL would take care of the boys' lunch.

See that steamed-chicken dish beside the siupakchoy? This chicken is just so delicious; it's organic corn-fed chicken and it's skin is yellow and the meat really sweet. Not the whitish tasteless chicken we get in West Malaysia/Singapore/Moscow! The boys (and I) love this and eat this every day. I dip mine with cili padi and light soy sauce but it's good on its own.


Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks for sharing, Lilian! These are such nice reminders of your trip "home".

Lilian said...

Always good to balik kampung right Tsulin?

Ozzie said...

Hi Lilian,

I'm so inspired by your posts on KK that we are heading there this weekend for a quick break. Will be staying at Sutera ... do you know whether that is far from Ocean Seafood & Damai?

Also could u plse recommend the places that we can go for massages & DVD shopping.

Many thanks in advance!

Lilian said...

Hey Ozzie, I stayed at Sutera in a previous trip. It's really near to Ocean Seafood, maybe 5 min drive. Damai would be another 5-10 min drive towards the suburbs (away from the seafront where Sutera and Ocean are).

Actually, you can find dvds anywhere, pricing is pretty much the same. Times Square is a pretty new shopping centre near to Ocean seafood, next to it is an old busy shopping centre called Merdeka, there are dvd shops there.

Sutera has its own spa, and I tried the massage there, not really value for money, the therapist seems really young and not that experienced. The one I went to is a Thai spa, it has branches all over Malaysia. But it's about 20 min away from the city, so I don't think you'd want to venture there. I could email my sister-in-law for her recommendations if you want. Let me know.

Die-die must try Damai okay :) At 2pm, the bbq chicken wing (stall run by some Malay boys) just across the kaya bread shop is to die for. And for your kaya bread, I recommend having it untoasted. Try the Teh C peng (iced Teh C), heavenly.

Hope you have a great trip!

Ozzie said...

THANKS so much for all the great info ... am drooling at the thought of all the yummy makan there :)

Will be travelling with my 3 yr old + a 10 yr old nephew ... dont think we can sneak off for any massage this time :( thanks for the offer to email your SIL.

Hope we'll be able to cover all the makan places, especially Damai.

... after KK, we are aiming to head to Malacca next :) :)

thanks again!

Lilian said...

LOL! You do know I'm from Malacca right? Let me know when you're headed there. Enjoy your KK trip and let me know if you had a good time. Warn you first, it's expensive there by Malaysian standards.