Friday, February 20, 2009

KK 2009: Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

*Pictures from Jan 2009

One of my sisters-in-law works at a tour agency and she recommended some day trips to us. An interesting one to me was a river cruise to see Proboscis Monkeys, there are apparently hundreds of them as you cruise by. But we would need to drive a few hours to get to the start of the river cruise, so that was no go by Eddie...I wasn't that keen for the long road journey either.

She then arranged for the group of us, 3 families, to go to an island and spend the day there. That sounded fun for everyone. Bummer, the morning of the island trip, the weather was really bad. Eddie called his sister at 7am to cancel the trip, fearing the waters would be too choppy. We bailed out too early cos by 930am, the weather cleared up and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

So we ended up taking the boys and their cousins to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, about 15km from KK town centre.

Sean wouldn't go on the elephant ride. Instead of 21kg Sean, these two big buffalos went on the poor little elephant. I'm sure I heard the elephant groan.

I may be wrong, but I don't think there are any animals here that can't be found at Singapore's zoo...but Borneo is home to the Proboscis Monkey. This is one ugly fella. Very ya-ya looking too.

We thoroughly enjoyed the animal show, very good emcee, English-speaking of course, so no worries there. Many of the performing animals were actually rescued from homes of idiots who think nothing of keeping endangered animals as pets.

First up was a coconut-opening competition between this orangutan and...

...this chap from Hongkong.

No prizes for guessing who won easily.

When the emcee asked for another volunteer, Brian eagerly raised his hands. His task was to prevent the macaw from finding something (can't remember what) under the bowls. He had to switch the bowls around.

Full concentration! And of course, the macaw managed to find that something despite Brian's best attempt at switching the bowls around.

More pictures from the animal show. This bird was flying above us swooping food thrown at it from 50 metres away.

This orangutan performed some nifty moves.

A little snake, also rescued or abandoned (I can't remember now, it's been many weeks.) The wonderful emcee, who persuaded the audience to try stroking the snake, assuring us that contrary to what we think, it's not cold and clammy at all.

The older boys went straight for the snake at the end of the show.

Ever cautious Sean surprised me by touching the snake too. A first for him, definitely.

Lok Kawi is a fairly new park but don't expect Singapore Zoo standards. Already, there are signs of poor's also a pretty small park. But if going there helps the upkeep of these endangered animals, visitors to KK should consider this for a half-day tour.


Roslyn said...

Brian looks like you, esp his smile.

monlim said...

The animal and bird show looks like what the SG zoo has! And this is completely unrelated but when i saw the pic of Brian on the elephant, the first thought I had was "wah, Brian REALLY looks like Lilian here!"

Lilian said...

Ha, I actually really like this particular picture of him. I guess I must just really like how I look, hehe, since he looks like me here. So narcissistic! I don't see the resemblance though.

Roslyn said...

Together with monlim, that makes 2 of us!