Friday, February 20, 2009

KK 2009: KK Cousins

*Pictures from Jan 2009

KK is Kota Kinabalu, capital of Sabah, an East Malaysian state. We were there the first 8 days of 2009, visiting Eddie's family. If I don't get lazy again, I'll post more pictures soon about our trip; many airlines now fly to KK compared to before. So fares are really cheap. We flew by Malaysia Airlines there and came back by Jetstar, and for a family of 2A2C, our fares cost about S$600, all taxes and surcharges included.

Before getting into KK proper, here are some pictures of the boys and their cousin-brothers. These are 3 of the cousin-brothers who are around Brian's age and whom the boys play with when they're in KK.


There's a big playground diagonally across Eddie's family home and the boys would run over to play every evening. Picture of Eddie playing B-ball with the kids. Brian's yellow t-shirt is his grandma's (LOL!), I ran out of clean tees for him.

Brian's closest to Alan and this is a picture of them riding an elephant at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Alan is a year older than Brian :) but about half a head shorter. He's a really cute and sensible boy, and is always at ease speaking to anyone of any age. Very good EQ.

The boys quenching their thirst with Anglia Shandy at the end of our Lok Kawi Wildlife Park visit. When I was young, I loved (and still do) drinking Anglia Shandy; Brian loves it too.

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