Saturday, February 21, 2009

KK 2009: Diamond in the rough

*Picture from Jan 2009

Now being the cheapo I am, I just lurve this next restaurant, a true diamond in the rough. The name is Diamond Restaurant and it's located maybe 5 minutes drive from the waterfront/city area in a suburb called Luyang. The restaurant is really, really dated and looks like it hasn't been refurbished in 30 years at least. But who cares when the food is this good AND CHEAP!!

This is the signature dish, a kingto pork-rib dish. My Canon point-and-shoot has really sucky performance on low lighting, so sorry about these crappy pictures.

Kungpo Prawns

Dou Miao

Sambal kangkung

Sweetsour pork

And I think there was another egg or tofu dish for Sean. Guess how much the bill was (it was us and my MIL so 3A2C); RM60!! Drinks included!! And the food was good too. If it were cheap but crappy, I wouldn't be raving about it. This is a hidden gem though I did see a Caucasian woman come by to pick up her order of porkribs.

Of course, you have to have a cold heart to eat when you're being stared at by all these creatures in the tanks right behind you.

Don't the prawns look like they're begging to be released. When there's an order of prawns, the waiter actually gets a net and sieves the prawns up...the boys watched, absolutely fascinated. I put on my best petrified-prawn voice, going, "Noooo, not meeee, ppppplease....." Seriously, it was as if the prawns knew they would meet their demise soon, they'd be jumping up and down right after a net of prawns is taken away, before calming down again. Really strange.

I have no idea why these fish kept going towards one corner. They were like this for a very long time, Sean had to go right up to look at them. I told the boys they were trying to watch TV.

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