Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another fun day in Moscow

The group of us gathered at my place to Lo Hei, as agreed last week. This was to celebrate Chap Goh Mei a little earlier. We made our home-made Yusheng again and it was as good as it was the first time at May's.

In pink is Lynn and next to Brian is her hubby Roy, and next to him, Alan, both Citibankers. Brian's looking extremely stoned cos he had slept only at 5am, having played x-box all night with his friend Eric M who was here for a sleepover. On the extreme right is Reuben, a Sarawakian working for Schlumberger in Tyumen, another city in Russia. It was our first time meeting him and his wife Tracy (from Beijing) after hearing so much about them; they lived in Moscow for a year plus and were visiting Station Manager Eugene and his wife May.

I made deep-fried drumlets, beef rendang and sambal boiled eggs, and Lynn made prawns in chilli crab sauce, very shiok.

Another view of the food, this time with the addition of May's signature fried beehoon, delishioussss!

Reuben was bartender for the day and made Cinzano for all of us. The pinkish-red spheres are cherries, there's martini somewhere in there but it didn't taste like there was any alcohol at all. I drank up lots, it was refreshing.

Roy and Eugene brought loads of beer and today was beer day, no wine-drinking this time. Zoe the engineer came by after work, in time for lunch, and we celebrated his birthday one day late with a cake. Everyone agreed the blackforest cake bought by Eugene and May was really good by Russian standards.

Someone said he's only 24 :) Sure....

Sean pouting after we told him he's not to blow the candles out for Uncle Zoe.

Played less than one round of mahjong, with Eddie, May and Reuben/Tracy. May was the big winner, I was no2, and Eddie no3...poor Reuben/Tracy were the only losers. They had to leave at 430pm to catch their flight to Tyumen.

Played on with Roy and Lynn, this time without money, doing our good deed to provide them free tuition...hehehe, was there an idiom about fattening the calf for the killing?

Everyone else stayed on for dinner, which was leftover rendang, blackbean prawns by Lynn and baked chicken wings by me (told you guys my cooking repertoire is extremely limited!). Dessert was Baskin Robbins ice-cream bought by Alan.

In all, we spent almost 10 hours having a rib-tickling good time. Talked loads of nonsense, led by TC King Roy, with his nonsensical Malaysian-related conspiracy theory of why Singaporeans have myopia. And as if we hadn't had enough of one another, we made plans to meet up for dinner on Monday, the real day of Chapgohmei. The diet will have to wait for yet another week.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the yu-sheng/lo-hei recipe? Looks so yummy! The one we had at church was rather 'watery'--not nice...


Lilian said...

Extremely easy...

The hard part is slicing carrots and turnips, lots of them. I guess you could also add cucumber, we didn't.

And then we added candy ginger and pickled ginger (optional lah if you don't have these), pomelo, salmon, some coriander, crushed peanuts, some olive oil, sesame oil and plum sauce (diluted slightly with water). That's it. Easy huh?

We had to improvise cos realised no one had brought yusheng stuff back from Singapore. So just agak-agak, and it turned out really delicious.

Anonymous said...

how do you get those crackers?


Lilian said...

Oh how can I forget. It's deep-fried wantan skin!

Anonymous said...

No wonder your yusheng is so yummy. Must put enough deep-fried wonton skin & crumbled peanuts, I guess..