Saturday, February 28, 2009

AI2009: Missing the WOW factor

So I've been chatting with a few friends about this year's American Idol. I know I said I'm never watching again after last year's fiasco, but everyone says that, that's why the show's still doing so well after what, 8 years?

Well, we've seen 24 of the top 36 and I'm --- underwhelmed. There's just no WOW factor. From last week, I liked Ricky Braddy, who didn't make it, and this week, I liked Kris Allen, who did make it. Kris gave me a little of the Jason Castro vibe that had me so invested last year, but no one, no one came even close to making me stop on my tracks and just stare at the TV, mesmerised, the way the Dreaded One did when he came out of nowhere and sang this.

There's a serenity about Jason that I hope stays with him forever in this tough industry. It's like light shines from his angelic face --- maybe this video will explain why.


monlim said...

Last year's was not a fiasco!! David Cook was the rightful winner. This year's, you're right, so far underwhelming. Couldn't stand Adam Lambert, so yaya papaya I wanted to slap him. Take away your discrimination against the women leh... I think the women are better than the men this year. Guys this year too much hype. And yah, what was that strange rocking back and forth by that girl with the mighty cheekbones?? (can't remember her name)

Lilian said...

Syesha for 3rd place over Jason? C'mon. Jason was never gonna win lah, I know that, but the producers were so afraid he might just sneak in and spoil the David vs David finale that they just threw him under the bus the last few weeks. Everything is scripted one lah, this is reality tv after all.

For now, better Lambert than Gokey, at least he's not being fakey. For next week, I'm looking forward to Drama Queen Nathaniel, and will wear ear plugs when Von Smith comes on.

That tattooed preschooler is Megan Corkey or something like that.

monlim said...

I admit Syesha is not a contender but the last few performances Jason gave were pretty excruciating, cannot really blame the producers leh. Carefree I like lah but himbo I cannot stand and some of the comments Jason made were so dumb... like male version of Kelly Pickler... Just my opinion, lucky u halfway across the globe, cannot throw tomatoes at me!

Lilian said...

It's all in the editing lah, aiyoh, you see, you got blinded too. He's not at all like that. He's actually very deep and intelligent. Don't judge a book by the way the AI producers present it! 100% not a himbo, give the I am Second video a listen and you'll see what he's like.