Monday, February 23, 2009

8 Oscars!...

...for Slumdog Millionaire which I posted about last December, including Best Director and Best Picture.

So glad it won over Curious Case of Benjamin Button which I found to be such a bore.

And Sean Penn Best Actor for Milk whooot! I'm not a Penn fan, find him a bit of an over-actor (his turn in I am Sam made me cringe)...but he was excellent in Milk. Milk is a must-watch too, look out for James Franco in this show, this guy is gorgeous AND can act too.

Too bad Robert Downey Jr didn't win for Tropic Thunder hehe. Loved Tropic Thunder, my kind of humour.

You have my 3 movie recommendations, Slumdog Millionaire, Milk and Tropic Thunder. Go watch them if you haven't already.


minako said...

I think the fact that Eastwood's Gran Torino wasnot even nominated was such a shame to the academy, the theme is racial discrimination so it is a real, stuff that we have to deal with everyday. so maybe, too "real" to the judged? The movie is so well made,awesome. THe transformation of the leading character, Eastwood, in the last half of the movie is so remarkable. No gimmick. no cg. just a human drama.If you havent watch it, watch it! Clint gets better with age.

Lilian said...

Hey Minako, how're you doing?

I think the movies nominated this year were those with more commercial appeal, more feel-good, cos they needed to boost ratings for the awards show. Last year's nominated shows were really dark and broody, and ratings tanked.

I watched Gran Tarino a week or so ago, really gritty movie. Excellent ending.

It shows a part of American immigrant life that I hadn't really known about and truly left an indelible impact on me. I thought about the show for days after.