Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009

Backpost: Aaargghhh...woke up on CNY eve with a mild hangover. Was planning to cook lunch but it was past 10am when I dragged myself out of bed. Ended up having leftover beehoon from last night. I knew I still had to cook dinner although I really didn't feel up to it, don't ask my why I feel the need to, I'm very traditional that way.

Eugene and May decided to come over at about 3pm and that perked me up cos we got to play mahjong. Managed to prepare the food, soy sauce whole chicken, steamed fish, brocolli and steamed prawns while playing. In all, we played 2 rounds, before and after dinner. I thought the food tasted terrible, cos really, the heart just wasn't in it. But at least I got it done.

Was a pretty slow game today, and I ended up winning just $2.40 after subsidising Eddie's loss. May subsidised Eugene's losses so it was Ladies' Night. Was so pooped after mahjong but quickly mopped the floor and washed my hair before New Year arrived. Unlike last year though, I couldn't stay up past midnight to usher in the Ox, and was knocked out by 1130pm.

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