Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009 (Eve)


Went to Roy & Lynn's (Singaporeans working with Citibank here) for early reunion dinner today (Saturday). Reason for not having the do on Sunday night? Cos the jiu kuis (alcoholics) wanted to drink till they dropped and Monday was a workday for them.

Our fellow SQers Eugene and May had just flown in to Moscow this morning, so we were pampered with roast duck, ngor hiang (by May's mum), crab and enoki, specially flown in from Singapore. Lynn prepared scallops, beef, fishballs, dumplings for the steamboat while I contributed bee hoon and raw prawns. Also joining us were Alan (from Citibank) and Zoe (SQ).

And as usual when at Roy & Lynn's, we all overdid the eating AND the drinking. Had to stuff ourselves silly cos Roy wouldn't let anyone leave the table till all the food was gone. Fabulous food and crazy company, so everyone had a great time. I just wished it had been on the real Reunion night so I wouldn't have to cook tomorrow. The lazy Rat is winding down for the year, you see.


monlim said...

Very nice to see you managed to enjoy a nice reunion dinner! When I read you contributed raw prawns, I told Kenneth, "hahaha, you see this woman, too lazy to cook!"

But of course I can say lah, if I ever have to cook a reunion dinner, I'll probably go on strike :P

Lilian said...

Ay, raw prawns was for steamboat mah...I still had to cook the real reunion dinner the next day. And my beehoon is pretty troublesome to cook too, y'know.