Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pictures from Izmailova Market

Izmailova market is a huge craft/souvenir market and that's where Lynn, May and I headed for. It's a major tourist attraction, well, actually, this place attracts both tourists and locals. On Wednesdays, wholesalers gather here to hawk their ware and prices are said to be lower than on regular days. I wouldn't know, cos I didn't buy anything. I saw only one thing I really liked, a smallish (half A4 size) lacquer-box depicting St Basil's Cathedral, and it was US$400! Fegeddit-la.

Here are some pictures I took.

Ghzel Porcelain

Khokhloma Wood Handicraft

Lacquered Eggs

Porcelain Dolls and Wall Masks

Faberge Eggs

Matryoshka Dolls

It started snowing lightly after an hour and we quickly headed for lunch at Thai-Thai (No. 4 Pokrovka St) in Kitay Gorod (good Pad Thai, not so good Tomyamgoong), followed by 4 hours of $-less mahjong (training for Lynn) at May's place. Alexey picked the boys up from school and drove them over. We then arranged to meet the guys after work at Korston Hotel for a sumptious dinner at everyone's favourite Korean restaurant.


monlim said...

Wah, very nice! Reminds me of some of the China markets but more classy. I wonder how much those Faberge eggs cost??

Lilian said...

Depends on the quality but I remember the one time I asked, when I first arrived, pretty exorbitant. Will THINK about buying one at the end of our posting, maybe. They are gorgeous. You want to buy one?

monlim said...

Pretty to look at but too ornate for my taste really, I'd rather have a Matryoshka doll :D

Lilian said...

Will get you one then!

monlim said...

Wah, thank you thank you!

Lilian said...

No problemo :)