Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

Saw this trailer on Youtube a few weeks back and knew this is one movie I really want to watch, even more than Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Probably huge on sentimentality, but that's me, nothing like a feel-good movie with parts that make me bawl. It just got nominated for Golden Globe's Best Motion Picture - Drama.

Anyone knows if it's showing in Singapore?


Dave Yang said...

Watched the show at US. and gosh let me tell you this - You got to watch this show for sure. The plot is fantastic and original with a well blend of brotherhood, poverty, religious violence and a twisted love. 10 thumbs up.

Dave Yang said...

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE will be distributed by Golden Village Pictures in Singapore and is slated to open on 5 February 2009.

Lilian said...

Thanks Dave. This is definitely one show I wanna watch. But I would have left Singapore by 5 Feb :( Maybe wait for dvd release.