Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sleepless (& Sick) in Singapore

It's Christmas Eve right now, 600 am to be exact, and I'm wide awake, have not slept a wink yet. Yes, it's partly due to jet-lag, but I slept well enough last night. I shouldn't have made an appointment to meet someone in town at 1130am later! Whenever I worry about getting enough sleep so I can wake up fresh for an appointment, I end up not sleeping well at all. That's one reason I don't really like planning for meet-ups etc, I get somewhat stressed thinking about preparing for such meet-ups and being sure I'm on time, and end up not doing much the rest of the entire day. I really prefer things to be impromptu.

Have also been sick since arriving in Singapore a couple of days back. Sneezing like crazy and can feel the onset of full-blown flu, but am managing to fend it off. Brian was coughing really badly too, especially at night. We had to cancel a meeting with the Tans, our buddies from Frankfurt days, at the last minute, on Monday.

Then yesterday, I had a hair spa appointment. Brian seemed better and so I called up the Tans and they were headed for the city too. After lunch, I went to the hair salon, while my mum took the boys to Borders. The Tans then picked the boys up while my mum went back. After I was done some 1.5 hours later, we had tea and cakes at Borders Bistro. Funnily enough, we bumped into Bao and her hubby Vic, a couple from Frankfurt, who are also back on hols. We suddenly felt like we were hanging out at Frankfurt's Zeil having coffee again and generally lazing about doing nothing much (we did this for many an afternoon back in those good old days). Only difference was the darn muggy weather; being ill makes Singapore weather pretty unbearable (I'm usually okay with it).

At 5pm, we drove to Dempsey Place and walked around a bit but I wasn't really up for restaurant fare. Mr Decisive Daniel then kept asking me what I wanted to have for dinner. I said Newton Circus (although I went there on Sunday night but I couldn't think of what to eat!). I don't think he was keen on that and kept asking me what else I wanted to eat, so I said, maybe Teochew porridge. He insisted he knew a place at Balestier for great Teochew porridge and we went on futile hunt for this shop; meeting with multiple after-office traffic jams. We ended up at Newton Circus, some 1 hour plus later than if we had gone directly from Dempsey. As usual ordered and ate too much. That's what I mean by impromptu meet-ups, they are always so much fun, everything's unplanned and so go-with-the-flow, very much like...ME!

I have a baby's 1-month celebration to go to at around 5pm, I really need to get some sleep. Now I'm thinking if I should send out a text cancelling my 1130am appointment. I will, I will, I'll be deader than a walking zombie if I don't. Almost 630am now, arrrrgggghhhhh!!!


monlim said...

Welcome back! Sorry about the flu though, the Christmas weather has been late in arriving.

True to an IAA, when you can't sleep, you BLOG!! haha - hope the zzzz's hit you soon.

Baoying said...

It was so great bumping into you and the Tans yesterday. Sorry we didn't stay long to chat! We'll catch up again on Sun. Sorry you had a sleepless night. The wet and rainy weather is only excellent for one thing- staying in bed! I woke up at 10am this morning. I know, it sucks to be me! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

Lilian said...

Hey guys, groannn, I only managed to sleep at 9am! It's now 1pm. So I hope to get another couple of hours of shut-eye before getting ready to go out. My eyebags are like two sacks of cement and I look like hell.

I think it was the stupid tea buffet I had at Borders Bistro. It was $8 for free-flow tea and a cake. I had Earl Grey, quite strong, about 2 pots, didn't think the effect would last so long! I'm not a beverage person, I know better than to take coffee in the night, but this was tea at tea-time. Big lesson learnt. Never again.

K, back to snooze-land, hopefully...

Alcovelet said...

Welcome home!! Ahh, this is not the way to start the festive period, with a groggy head and an obstacle hunt for food!

But there are many days more. I'm not sure if you like the alternating hot and muggy/rainy days in Singapore vs freeze-your-buns off weather in Moscow, but at least its a change!?!

Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2009 to you and all your readers!!

Lilian said...

Hey Ad, I never went back to sleep after waking up. So I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep. But it's okay, I feel loads fresher after showering, and once I plaster ICI paint on my face, I'm good to go. All ready for some gluttony tonight.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy New Year!

Domestic Goddess said...

Wow! Lilian, welcome home! If only I bumped into you at Newton Circus, I will surely say HI.

Hee Hee.. I am like you, as monlim said. I blog when I can't sleep. IAA! Haha

I try to imagine you with a coat of ICI paint. LOL!

Merry Christmas to you and all your readers!

Lilian said...

Merry Christmas to you too DG. It's 1230 am and we just got back. Aiyoh, if you see me, I'll be very paisay, cos for sure my boys will be squabbling in public and I'll be scolding them like your regular bad-tempered housewife.

Had such a fun time today, met up with folks I had not met in more than 3 years. And even a hostelite that I've not met in 15 years. Small world. And my friend's new baby boy is ooooh so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilian, merry christmas to you & your family.

It's now 3.38am and I can't sleep....not sure if I will stay up till 6am...hopefully not.


Anonymous said...

oh...forgot to wish you a speedy recovery. Take care. ^_^


Lilian said...

Merry Christmas Chris. Why were you up so late? Waiting for Santa?
So happy I got decent sleep last night...slept at maybe 130am and just woke up now at 930am.

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Last July I went to Colorado Sp for 7 days and the first 3 days I had terrible insomnia. I don't know why--it shouldn't have been jetlag as there was only about 3hrs' diff'ce. So I went to the pharmacy & bought 'Sleep Aid'. It's a non-addictive, sedating antihistamine packaged in pill-form for the purpose of aiding sleep. It's actually the main medication found in Benadryl (an OTC cough mixture). But it sure helped!! I bring this along whenever I travel.

Maybe you can try some of this type of things when you travel.

Oh btw, Merry X'mas!!


Lilian said...

Merry Christmas YY. I sure need some Sleep Aid! But how can it be non-addictive; I mean, I'm pretty sure once I take it, I'm gonna start relying on this to knock me out.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone...I have been sleepness anywhere in Asia with the same timezone... jetlag is not the culprit for me...LOLLL....

The state of activities have driven my body to its optimum...even tho I sleep only a few hours nightly or every wee hours, I don't feel sleepy. But my eyebags/dark rings have developed badly...and it is no longer a case of ICI paint. If I stare hard at my reflection on the train window, I can see them...that means BAD! So today I went to a shop well known for its cream around the world and bought my magic "pill" for the eyebags/dark rings! ... LOL
Hope you never need to reach the same stage.

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!


Lilian said...

Blessed Christmas to you too QX. Hehe, 1 am and both of us are still awake. Please share the name of your magic pill for dark eyerings, I'm looking more like Kungfu Panda every day, without the martial arts skills!

tealeafs said...

Hey dear, are you feeling better now? Hope you are. Wishing you and the boys a great start to 2009!

Anonymous said...

Sleep Aid is non-addictive because it's not the same ingredient as sleeping pills. The latter contains benzodiazepines, which the body will crave after a while of regular usage and the sufferer actually then develops anxiety and insomnia when trying to withdraw from it.

What Sleep Aid contains is actually an anti-histamine found in common flue & cough meds. The body doesn't crave it even after regular usage, altho I guess it IS possible for a person to become psychologically dependent on it, just as a child may become psychologically dependent on bedtime stories or a cup of warm chocolate in order to sleep.

In your circumstance, sleeplessness probably results from a sudden change in routine. Either travel through time-zones or some unusual activity late at night that disrupts your usual pre-bedtime routines. And part of insomnia comes from the ANXIETY of worrying that if you don't sleep soon, you won't be able to function the next morning. So Sleep Aid relieves that anxiety and induces sleep. When you settle back into your usual routine or the anxiety of not being able to fall asleep is no longer an issue, you won't find yourself needing to rely on it any longer.


Lilian said...

Thanks Stef, wishing you a great year ahead too, with your 4 boys!

YY, I tried Sleepaid (not that particular brand) one night the last week of 2008. We were staying in Sentosa. Wow, really slept through like a baby, so shiok! 1 problem! I couldn't function the day after. Just wanted to lie in bed all day. Groggy even in the afternoon. Sian man.

I think my blocked nose was also one factor; a friend recommended BreatheRight, the adhesive stuff you stick on your nose to clear your nasal passage. That helps some nights. But you're right about the anxiety bit, one big reason I do not like to arrange meet-ups in the morning, I worry too much about getting sufficient sleep. I think folks who have no sleep issues are extremely blessed.

Anonymous said...

For occasional blocked-nose, I take OTC decongestant tablets (pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, etc). Tablets are ok, but do NOT use the nasal-spray-decongestants regularly as nasal-spray decongestants are habit-forming (after a while of regular usage you need more & more to achieve the same effect, resulting in a nose that's perpetually blocked!). But oral tabs are fine.

To avoid grogginess the next day after using antihistamine sleepaids, maybe you can take the sleepaid earlier in the night, say, 1 hour before you plan to knock off. Give your body about 8hr to fully metabolize the tablet and excrete from your body. Either that or try taking half the dosage. You'll also find that if you take it regularly for several days, the tabs won't seem to have quite strong an effect. So this works well for the 'occasional' insomniac. Next morning, just take plenty of caffeine, lor!!

hehe, that's the way to drug-up your body, with 'uppers' & 'downers' .. :-)
But then, in the 1st place, when man was created our bodies were not meant to jetset through timezones at your regularity. That's why a jetsetting lifestyle comes with its toll, lor!