Monday, November 17, 2008

Tokyo Day 6: Kamakura & Enoshima

Headed for Kamakura and Enoshima after checking out of the hotel. Left our luggage with the hotel as we will return the next day to take the airport limousine bus from Hilton. For breakfast I had rice rolls, Brian and Eddie had stand-up soba again, while Sean refused to have the sausage roll he liked the other day. Grabbed him a small piece of garlic bread and that was his breakfast :(, even that took him some time to finish.

Ah Beng eating while waiting for the Odakyu train to Kasate-Enoshima.

Arriving on the Odakyu line at Katase-Enoshima, we still had to walk some 20 min to get to our ryokan in Enoshima, a small island with a 4km perimeter. This is the Enoshima Benten Bridge we walked across.

The ryokan was really easy to find. Just about 20 metres after this gate, which we see right after the bridge. Lots of authentic-looking restaurants and souvenir shops on this quaint shopping street. Sean's busy reading a tourist brochure on Enoshima's aquarium...nolah, of course we didn't go.

A seafood restaurant, one of quite a few in Enoshima. But it was too early for lunch, so we left our bags at the ryokan and took a bus to Kamakura.

Boys mucking about in the bus. This is our first time riding a bus in Japan.

Kamakura is a seaside town about an hour's train ride from Tokyo and was once the capital of Japan (early 12th century). This is the entrance to Kamakura's shopping street, where we hoped to find some yummy lunch.

But main busy shopping streets don't seem to offer much. Just like in Harajuku, many of the restaurants here look like tourist traps. We eventually settled on a restaurant on a street parallel to this. Regretted not having lunch in Enoshima instead.

I enjoyed my cold soba. And Sean ate up his chicken and egg on rice (yes, again). Can't remember now what Ed and Brian had, but it was all just okay.

Didn't explore much of this part of Kamakura.

Next stop: Daibutsu (Big Buddha).

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