Monday, November 17, 2008

Tokyo Day 6: Big Buddha (Daibutsu), Kamakura

This beautiful Giant Buddha (Daibutsu) is the second largest Buddha in Japan.

The bronze-cast Buddha is over 13 metres tall and was scuplted in 1252.

It was originally located inside a temple, but a tsunami swept away the temple hall in the 15th century, leaving Daibutsu exposed to the elements since then.

The Daibutsu is hollow and for a small fee, you can go inside the statue.

Entrance to Daibutsu.

Inside Daibutsu. The brownish bits are reinforcements made to strengthen Daibutsu's neck and to make it possible for the Buddha's body to move freely on the base to prevent a damaging shock to the statue in case of an earthquake.

It was a nice, cool day when we were here, so we just sat around, people-watching...relaxing. Tried out my other Canon lens a lot :)


Alcovelet said...

,mnmn 0

Alcovelet said...

That was someone being deliberately nosey. Love the pics. Something about buddha faces that always makes me feel so peaceful ... n6

Lilian said...

LOL, is he meditating? and the ah pek signed off as Senior (sr)!

Alcovelet said...

Omigod, you're right! The little cheeky ...