Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tokyo Day 5: Sony Building & Shabu-shabu

This picture was taken in Ginza from the entrance of Sony Building. We headed here after Asakusa as my Japanese friend Minako told me there's a cool 3D display at the top floor of Sony building. The boys had a good time checking out the latest Sony gadgets, but when we got to the top floor, there was some kind of exhibition going on, so we never saw the 3D show.

Shopped for some cute stuff at the basement floor, not Sony stuff, just a Kaleidoscope, some photo clips and a foam boomerang. And then we headed back for Shinjuku. I told Eddie to go ahead with his window-shopping and the rest of us will head back to the hotel to rest and

For dinner, we went to this shabu-shabu restaurant on the 6th floor of Nowa Building. Turn right at the Central East exit of Shinjuku station, and Nowa Building is just maybe 50metres away. There is a restaurant on each floor of this building but we settled on this one. Eddie has been craving for shabu-shabu so shabu-shabu it is.

Clam thingy is the soup scoop. The other condiments are added into the soup.

Sesame seed sauce and your regular shabu-shabu sauce.

Comes with udon too.

Brian loved it, and when we returned to Moscow, he asked if there was a shabu-shabu restaurant in Singapore.

I don't think he even appreciated the fragrance of the finely-sliced beef, he was just downing slice after slice, and we had to order an extra plate of beef in addition to the original 2 plates. I only ate 2 slices maybe, not a big fan. One plate with a few (7 to be exact) slices of beef costs more than Y3000, yikes, but it was our last dinner in Tokyo, so splurge a bit. This meal turned out to be our most expensive during our stay.

Some sashimi for me, highlight of my dinner.

One of our sets came with tempura, which to me was actually better than the one we had for lunch in Asakusa.

Dessert, nothing to shout about.

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