Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tokyo Day 2: Disneyland = Dismayland

We decided to head for Disneyland after seeing sunny days forecast for Monday and Tuesday. Monday's great weather was the first after consecutive cloudy and rainy days. Aiyoh, seems like all of Japan had the same idea as us. The crowd was just unbelievable. The last time I was in Tokyo Disneyland was 11 years ago, when I was 4 months pregnant with Brian, and even then, the crowd was already terribly bad; but this time, it seems like 100 times worse. Not exaggerating.

Sean's sourpuss face in the photos below pretty much sums up our mood for the day.

At about 10.30am, I headed for Splash Mountain to get a fast pass and the time to return was 830pm! Siao ah. Collected the fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain instead, return time was 530pm. Groannn! Fast passes ran out for the other attractions before noon. To give you an idea of the kind of crowd we're talking about, the wait for Pooh's Honey Hunt was 170min. That's almost 3 hours, and people actually queue for this. We thought that was just crazy.

The shortest queue we found was Pinocchio's Daring Journey, we found out why, cos when the ride ended, we looked at one another and went, "Huh? That was it?" It's like Small World, just not as magical and sweet. I was disappointed to see that Small World was closed; yes, for me, a visit to Disneyland isn't complete without leaving with the small world tune ringing in my head for days after.

Pirates of the Carribean was really good, the Jack Sparrow figures' look so real, exactly like Johnny Depp. This was a new ride to us, as Pooh's Honey Hunt was (which we didn't get to go to). The other rides were the same as those in Paris and Hongkong, which we went to the last two years, so we didn't miss that much despite the horrible crowd.

I spent much of my time people-watching. Loads of people came dressed as Disney characters, I couldn't tell if they were staff or visitors. This Minnie Mouse costume was the standard outfit for most little girls.

Donald Duck and Goofy.

Alice and Cheshire Cat. We saw so many ladies in this blue Alice outfit, guess cos it's a very comfortable costume.

Some night pictures before we left for Shinjuku, where we had dinner at a restaurant on one of the upper floors of Odakyu. We chose the place for Sean, cos it served his favourite Chicken and egg on rice. I had soba while Eddie and Brian had tonkatsu. Tiring day, and hoping for a better one tomorrow at Disneysea.


monlim said...

Did you hit the Japan school hols or something? I thought the crowd when I went was bad, yours looks even worse! But did the kids at least enjoy Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain? We love Roger Rabbit's Spin. When we were there, the Pooh ride was closed.

Lilian said...

I dunno, when I checked the net, no mention of school hols. Mine was definitely worse, the popular rides were no less than 120 min wait. Brian and I did Big Thunder Mountain but not Splash Mountain. Didn't do Toontown.

The queues would have been worse if not for the fact that about 1/3 of the crowd were always sitting around waiting to watch the parades, which went on all-day. Quite annoying, cos when I wanted to cross the path to get to Pooh fast pass, I was blocked cos the parade was approaching. All in all, not a good experience.

Disneysea was TONNES better, minimal wait, new rides, just loads of fun for everyone.

bACk in GERMANY said...

wah... charboh... you look so chioh man! Brian's girlfriend ah???

Yep... Disneyland Paris last year was also a Dismayland for us. Labour Day crowd :(
Bryan and Daddy queued for 2 hours for a Dumbo ride! Siao right?
We had so much more fun in Legoland.

The only saving grace was Small World that day. We went twice!!! no queue!

Lilian said...

Hehe, Brian is growing up fast, I reckon he'll be my height pretty soon, so I'll have a cute young boyfriend to pose with, if he's still willing.

2 hours for Dumbo? Bryan can tahan the wait? The boys had a good time in Legoland too. But I think the best themepark we've ever been to is EuropaPark in Germany. The rides there were just awesome, and move very fast too. But I think they are more for older children and thrill-seekers.

I've missed Small World twice; this time it was closed, in Hongkong last year they didn't even have Small World. I protested, saying How can Disneyland not have Small World?! I think we went twice too in Paris.

monlim said...

So I'm the only one who thinks Small World is lame ah? No queue one because so boring lah!! Hear the song over and over again until it's ringing in your head, hehe..

Yah Lilian, looks like Brian is having a growth spurt too! Lesley-Anne now already wears the same size shoes as me and can share my clothes (but with a much smaller waist!!)

Lilian said...

haha, dunnolah, Small World just makes me happy, all the colours inside so pastle and pretty. Brian said his friend's mum loves Small World too. So you're probably in the minority :)

You are very petite so no surprise Lesley-Anne can wear your clothes now. She definitely grew a lot from the pictures I see.

Anonymous said...

Lilian, the small world music was a nitemare to my hb!! He almost went mad with the small world music going round & round & round in his I can imagine how crowded you mean. While we were taking the rides in Hong Kong disneyand, we actually had to walk a looooong way before we can reach the front of taking the rides. The looong path way are supposely for the queue. I cannot imagine if I had to queue all the way from the back....@_@


Lilian said...

haha...that's the beauty of Small World, you take away one part of Disneyland with you for at least a week. All I can say now is, if you've already been to other Disneylands, AVOID Tokyo Disneyland at all cost, just head straight for Disneysea!

Anonymous said...

oh my, I forgot about your advice and I promised my girls to bring them to disneyland for 2 days....*siao liao*

My T wants to bring both her princess costume with her, a snow white and a sleeping beauty costume, she wants to use them on the different day.


Lilian said...

T will fit right in with all the siao ding dong Japanese pp haha. Oh, this year when I went again, Disneysea was very crowded too :( I think it depends on weather. The best is when weather forecast rain, but when you go, it's actually not so bad!