Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jolie good reminder

Angelina Jolie, in a latest interview she did together with Clint Eastwood, talked about what she saw in Sierra Leone and how it changed her.

" was just that I really understood a different depth of what takes place in our world and I understood it so quickly, and seeing little babies with their arms cut off, and how they cut all the women’s arms off so they couldn’t hold their baby. They cut all the men’s legs off so they couldn’t work in the field. And then how many places in the world were so similar, I never wake up worried about silly things anymore and my children are healthy and I can feed them. I’m very very grateful and I feel of use to something that is more important than just getting up and going about the day like I used to. So it changed me drastically."

Reading this reminds me again of how blessed we all are. All of us living our comfortable lives, surfing the internet, reading celebrity interviews...we are all so blessed.

Hmm, year-end melancholy? Winter blues? Maybe...but what Angelina said there, in bold above, is just that kick in the head I need in my life right now. God is telling me to get a grip. Off to sayang my sleeping boys now. Nite.


monlim said...

It's so true. In China, the situation has improved but still there are many kids who rush off after school to gather scraps from the junkyard so they can sell and make a few cents to buy food. It's just too sad. We are so fortunate.

Lilian said...

It's bad enough that people are suffering from poverty; but the atrocities committed in Sierra Leone are just unimaginable. How can people do these to other human beings, just maim them and leave them to die? Till the day I die, I don't think I can ever understand their motivations.

Alcovelet said...

Alright, so I'm shallow, but Angelina is such a hot babe! Jennifer is so yesteryear. Brad? I prefer the Korean hotties, yeah! And Johnny Depp of course!

Seriously, I went to the slumps in Soweto, and I begin to see the spirit of a people so crushed that life becomes cheap. Have you guys watched Blood Diamond, or The Last King of Scotland? These are so bloodcurdling and yet so compelling, and unfortunately, so real. Yes, we ARE lucky.

Lilian said...

You mean Chinnifer Maniston? hehe...I'm not just shallow, biatchy too...aiyoh, how to compare to the bee-stung-lipped goddess. She should have kept Brad Pitt home in chains and not let him go to the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, asking for trouble. Angelina is HOTTTT!

Speaking of Korean hotties, I just rewatched Kim Sam Soon, aiyoh, Hyun Bin just grows on you, he's so cute. Also watched this really slow drama "Thank You", acting and storyline quite crappy, but the hottie Hang Jyuk was swoon-worthy in the show.

Yep, watched Last King of Scotland and Hotel Rwanda. Chilling. What were you doing in the slums of Soweto? You really have been places.

Alcovelet said...

South Africa - it was called visiting commodity companies when the craze was hot, and a trip round Soweto on the side ... so yesteryear too!!

We had this local "princess" who was a sales broker making sure we were safe, But she was one of the privileged few - pommy accent and all, having been educated in boarding schools and Oxford. She was rather condescending about the other blacks cos "they're lazy and therefore don't make opportunities for themselves". I didn't know what to make of it!

Ooh yeah, the Koreans!