Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dimensional WOWS!

Sean's home today. I snapped at him earlier when he begged me to play monopoly. Shoo-ed him away, monopoly will take at least an hour! He can play that with Brian another day.

He spent the morning drawing, reading something and then working out how many factors different numbers had.

For the past hour, he's been watching this show we found. There's about another hour to go. Pretty interesting show, he kept going WOW at different parts of the show. Brian's gonna like the show too. Not that they'll understand most of it, but as long as it keeps them out of my hair for a couple of hours.

We found the show when Sean asked me to search for videos on Dimensions in Youtube.

Trailer on Youtube.

The show itself.


Carol said...

Hey hey, are you still in Moscow? We are flying through Moscow next Tuesday on the SQ flight from SG to Houston, and I thought of you! Want anything from SG? *grin*

Anonymous said...

I tried your beef rendang recipe today and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even my very fussy/fastidious daughter took multiple helpings... And my 23-yr-old stepson--who's actually staying out near his workplace but happened to come home for dinner tonite--took 2 plates of rice with it. Hubby loved it too!

I cooked 1.5kg of beef and will be freezing the leftovers for a potluck at my place next week.

I managed to find & use EVERY ingredient on the recipe except turmeric leaves... There's a S.E.Asian grocer and an Indian grocer in my town.

Thanks for the recipe! Can you please NEVER take down your cooking blog? :-)


Lilian said...

Haha Carol, so nice of you to think of me. But guess what, I'm actually in Singapore today! Flew in this morning, leaving after midnight, had to see my dentist urgently. So I've already stocked up this morning, bought two 5kg packs of rice, and loads of rubbish, mostly my husband's titbits!

Holidaying in Houston? Let us know how it goes. Bet you're gonna shop till you drop, lucky girl!

YY: Ohhhh, so good to know it was a success for you too. Aiyah, this beef rendang, every time I cook it, I'll whack like siao. No discipline at all. It's just fantastic esp if you get the right cut of beef, the tendon-y type.

Nope, won't be taking down that blog unless Blogger closes shop :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lilian, may I have the permission to go to your food blog too? I have been trying to cook beef rendang but am using those ready made mixed, so not very nice leh.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful dimension website. My elder gal just finished watching chapter 3. She too beside going 'WOW!"...she went "Ooooh!" too LOL. So how did you manage to get hold of the CDs? Are the cds showing more details than the website that you have shared? Btw, wonder if you knew of this toy known as the GEOMAG. My gals can play with their few sets for hours. It is similar with this dimensional thingy.


Lilian said...

Chris, my so-called food blog is on my blog roll but here's the link.

Re dimensions movie, I didn't get the cd, the boys just watch it online episode by episode. Sean watched it all over again with Brian.

Oh the boys love their Geomag, but it's so expensive. We got our first set as a farewell present when we left London. Then I bought them two more sets for Christmas last year. I always have to scream at Sean though not to play those super powerful magnets near my computer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Lilian! You are one fantastic cook and you know how to bake too. *whistle*

There are so many recipes from your blog that I want to try. I will need to make extra effort to find the spices, because some of the spices you mentioned, I din even know what it is...*embarass* lol.

Yah, geomag is very expensive. I got my sisters to buy for them as christmas presents and birthday presents. =P


Alcovelet said...

Hey LIlian,

Don't you just love this Dimensions movie? I found it on the web when RK was is his spaceout dimensional gaga phase earlier this year (drove me nuts cos how am I to know?). He just loved it! Like you say, dunno whether he understands also, but it's just fascinating! We totally forgot about them, so tks for reminding us.

Yah, everybody should also try your chocolate cake recipe too. I went to buy 2 moulds cos of you ...

petite fleur said...

I fell behind on my blog reading & you have 20+ posts that I need to get right down to.

Off to read the rest of your blog & this rendang recipe that everyone is talking about.

monlim said...

I'm just writing to say I'm back and I need IAA help desperately. I had 2 computers die on me today and I had practically no access on my trip. Can you say cold turkey????

Lilian said...

Hey Mon, welcome back! Aiyoh, what happened to your computers! Are you using a 3rd one now? Dunno why these things happen after hols; when I came back from my Tokyo hols, I lost internet connection for some days. Really cold turkey, Eddie found it amusing, said I looked totally lost at home.

It's been quiet around here. I just rewatched Kim Sam Soon and another Korean drama called Thank You; both shows have amazing korean hotties.

Hope you get your computers working again. You've been missed.

monlim said...

Had to wait for Kenneth to come home last night and snatched his laptop. Now, L-A's laptop decided to work again, so I'm using it, hoping it'll not go on strike again. I hate it though, I miss my old keyboard, my old screen, everything!! Wahhh!!!