Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 7 Tokyo: Ryokan experience - Part 2

This is the view from our room in the morning. It's a bit blur with my Canon ixus (my DSLR ran out of battery the previous day!) but you can make out Mount Fuji in this picture. Not much of a snow-peak, maybe in a couple more months. On clearer days, the view should be much better.

Japanese holiday-makers going kayaking really early in the day. was coldddd!

There's an in-house museum on the ground floor of Iwamotoro ryokan, with 700-year old antiques.

I think this is a map of Enoshima island drawn long, long ago.

Time for breakfast, traditional Japanese breakfast, I like! Cos there's rice :)

Clams in my miso soup...

And oyster in my cawanmushi...I could eat traditional Japanese all my life!

After breakfast, we packed up, left our luggage with the front desk and explored Enoshima a bit. Bye bye Iwamotoro, thanks, we had a good time.


petite fleur said...

Oysters in chawanmushi....Yum.

Gosh should I stop reading your Tokyo trip posts now ?

Lilian said...

Read on, then fly to Japan and take more pictures using your kick-ass photography skills.