Friday, November 07, 2008

Day 4 Tokyo: Harajuku Round 2

While planning the itinerary, Eddie reminded me to reserve a couple of days for his shopping. That's part of the reason for Tokyo being our destination, 2 days reserved for theme-parks (boys), 2 days for window-shopping (Eddie), and 2 days or so for sight-seeing (me), it had something for everyone. It's really ridiculous I thought, to spend limited vacation days browsing at shops, but nevermind, have to give and take lah, so zipped my mouth and prepared for a boring day ahead.

First stop though, was still to satisfy my craving, so off to Harajuku for Sushi Kaiten, which eluded me on Day 1. Before going to the restaurant, had to make a stop at, what else, McD lah. Brian's appetite is amazing, when Sean eats fast food, he eats too, then when we have our proper meals, he eats as much as we do too, maybe more.

Boys outside Harajuku's Takeshita Dori McD.

Famous Harajuku crepes, which neither the boys nor Eddie (who has such a sweet tooth) were game to try.

Thanks Monica for the Sushi Kaiten recommendation, we loved it. Even Eddie ate up and he's not a sushi fan. Brian gulped down plates after plates of salmon sushi.

Special 6-piece plate for Y680. Delicious.

The more expensive plates of fatty tuna belly (left) and fattest tuna belly (right). They are for me lah...but I think Brian ate one of each.

I had sesame seed ice-cream, oooh, so good. The rest of the clan stuck to boring chocolate. We ate lots and the bill came to a Y5500 or so, or about S$80, the same amount I spent when I ate at Sushi Tei with Brian and Sean the day after I returned from Tokyo. But sooooo much more satisfying.

Okay, now I kam wan, hokkien for satisfied. My Tokyo trip wouldn't have been complete without checking out Sushi Kaiten. By the way, we didn't have to queue cos we were the first customers! Monica says there can be quite a wait if you go later in the day.

Window-shopped at Harajuku's so-called Champs Elysees, Omotesando (it's not at all like Paris' main shopping street lah). Kids went to Kiddyland and I looked up and saw my favourite value-for-money shop, H&M.

When we got nearer, aisay, not opened yet. When I checked on the net, this H&M shop was due to open Autumn 2008, guess there's a delay. Looks huge!

Didn't buy anything, and headed back to Shinjuku for the rest of Eddie's day.


Alcovelet said...

Cannot take the assault on the food senses. Yalah. Can we ALL meet in Japan? IAA only, so please everyone, sign up!! I'm willing to give up clothes shopping. We'll just eat! And since we're all there, we tell each other what we're gonna blog about and we give comments immediately. No need to re-read for anglais errors.

Good idea?

Lilian said...

I'm in! Goodie, no shopping, just eating, how nice, my ideal holiday.

How many days do you reckon we'll need?

Alcovelet said...

Lessee, fly 7 hours for me - you'll probably have to fly to Singapore then onwards, or if you park them here with family, then it's also 7 hours, By then with Cindy here and Mon also flying from here, easy! Say 2 full days, which means we do the red-eye both ways. Can!!

Lilian said...

Easy-peasy. Very do-able.

See Monica? You can still have mini-hols in PSLE year, just gotta ditch the rest of the family :)

Alcovelet said...

You see, we'll be RARING to come back to the family, so it's a good thing. Adrenaline will be rushing in the veins as we board the plane with good food in tummy and smile on face. And then we'll be oh-so-nice to our loved ones when we get back, having gotten rid of our stress on this wonderful holiday !

Wah. like I already went like that!

Lilian said...

My question is: Can you do it? If RK does a guilt trip on you, you may not have the heart to get on the plane lah.

Alcovelet said...

Can lah! Just got to shake the leg a bit hard, he falls off, I run ... And then come back with a lot of Lego to assuage guilt!!

Alcovelet said...

Really, you can, right? For you, like take bus like that!

Lilian said...

Hahaha, what a funny sight that would be, him hanging on to your legs for dear life and you cabut-ing the second you shake him off. Me, no guilt cos the boys are happier without mummy around to control their cartoon watching and all-day lazing. As long as I've stored enough food they like in the freezer for their dad to heat up.

monlim said...

I can, I can! I bet, by next year, Lesley-Anne will be begging me to leave her alone in peace anyway!!

Seeing your post makes me yearn for the tuna belly again. So shiok that one, really melt in your mouth! And the prices can't be beat too. Aiyah, I must really stop reading your blog at night, always makes me want to run out for supper!!!

Lilian said...

Yalah Monica, our bellies must make their way to those tuna bellies again...SOON!

And at least you can run out for supper; I don't have anywhere to run to, food scene here sucks, that's why gotta learn to whip up some old-trusted dishes.

I saw on Kenneth's Facebook that he's already packing for Beijing, you guys off for your hols so soon?

monlim said...

Not yet, Beijing mid Nov. But starting to pack cos we realise we don't have many clothes for cold weather, so gotta figure out what we need to buy/borrow. We've never traveled anywhere in winter and Beijing winter can be a real killer.

Lilian said...

Mid-November, that's pretty soon too. Hopefully can just borrowlah, no point buying just for the hols, winter clothes are so expensive. How cold do you think it'll be in mid-Nov? Here in Moscow, we hit 1deg Celsius yesterday, and this is already warmer than last year. Last year, it started snowing in mid-October.

monlim said...

Nov in Beijing is from -1 to 10 deg celcius. It's not just the temperature, if you're up on the Great Wall, the desert winds can apparently freeze your socks off.

Yup, hoping to borrow since the next time (if ever) we travel in winter, the kids would've outgrown all their winter wear. such a waste.

Anonymous said...

Sushi Kaiten place....*sob* *sob* *sob*