Friday, November 07, 2008

Day 3 Tokyo: Perfect Day...FINALLY!

Our third day in Tokyo went by perfectly. Everything was great, not least because Sean ate up at all his meals. Weather was fantastic, like it was on Monday. As it turned out, we had great weather the next two days, so we need not have gone to sardine-packed Disneyland on Monday.

Breakfast was in Shinjuku station. I bought myself some of these delicious rice-rolls, unfortunately, none of the rest of fussyclan would eat these, or life would be infinitely easier. Instead, managed to find a sausage roll that Sean decided he liked. Ai...when I look at this picture, haha, you can see my big munch off one of the rolls, so greedy; makes me wanna fly back to Japan if only for the food!

Eddie and Brian had what I call Stand-up Soba in this Shinjuku station shop called Hakosoba.

Make your choice, pay up at this "vending" machine, collect your ticket.

Go the the counter, present your ticket, wait for your meal.

SLURRRRPPP! Delicious! Really delicious, the two of them went back again another day. Stand-up soba means there's standing room only, no seats in this shop. And look at the blue towels, they are there for you to clean up after eating and returning your tray to the counter. Genius! But guess it'll only work in a civic-minded society like Japan.


Alcovelet said...

Train station food is the best! So cheap and good! I also especially like conveyor belt sushi - since I'm gonna pluck out half the rice anyway, I may as well pay half the price.

Wah! When can I go on holiday!!

Lilian said...

Aiyoh, the rice so nice, I couldn't bear to part with half lah, just whack, worry about diet after holiday.

Er...I believe you went for a luxurious holiday this year?

Domestic Goddess said...

Wow! All the gorgeous photos of the beautiful food makes me want to eat Japanese food for lunch and dinner everyday! I am so envious leh. I wanted to take my kids to Tokyo but hubby heard about the crazy queues like you mentioned and isn't keen. I think I'll go crazy too if we have to q for 3 hrs for a ride.

Thanks for the detailed posts and lots of photos. I'll have to archive this series for our future trip so I have a ready itinerary. :D

Lilian said...

DG: Your boys are so young, better not go to Tokyo Disneyland, your hubby is right. The queues are horrendous. Hongkong Disneyland is much smaller, maybe better for little ones.

Yalah, even when I look at the pictures, really launuah, and feel like going back to Japan now. Worse thing is, Japanese food in Moscow is bleahhh, so I don't really have a place to run to and partly relive my gastronomic journey.

Anonymous said...

Lilian, pls ignore my last comment in your next post. I finally managed to load this entry.

Ok, this store is on my 'eating' list too.