Friday, November 07, 2008

Day 3 Tokyo: Delightful Disneysea

Having filled our tummies, we happily headed for Disneysea. Tickets in hand, at least we knew we didn't have to queue again for tickets. We were heartened to see that there was maybe a-thousandth of the crowd there was in Disneyland, maybe even less. Everyone had so much fun at Disneysea, stark contrast in Sean's mood today, he's happy happy happy!

Entrance to Disneysea.

Big volcano forms the backdrop of Disneysea.

Sean's lots happier today. As we walked around, I saw a coaster ride that plunged from the top of the volcano down the right slope. I told Brian, "No way am I going on that!" I ended up doing exactly that, unknowingly, more about that later.

First stop, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Sean and Eddie watched this show on board, and everyone was looking forward to this ride. Alas, Sean was too short and he started stomping around saying there was nothing for him to do in Disneysea. Yup, I've raised a brat. Collected Fastpass to come back later.

We then went on 20,000 leagues under the sea, which the boys enjoyed and both thought they were really under water, that's how realistic it was. I can't remember now if we went back to Journey to the centre of the earth right away but the thing is this; this was really Eddie's lucky day. I told him and Brian to go ahead with the fastpass and I'll accompany Sean.

Sean the poser, photos taken while we waited for Eddie and Brian. Did I mention he's a happy camper today?

After about 20 min, Eddie and Brian came out, saying the ride was cancelled and they were given priority passes instead, which we could use for any ride, no need to wait for return time.

Eddie's a real scaredy cat when it comes to theme-park rides, but when you think of Journey to the Centre of the Earth, you'd assume it's a ride that just goes down right? Aiyoh, the lucky devil. In the evening, when Brian and I made our way to take this ride after it reopened, omigosh, it was the very ride that I was trying to avoid, the one that plunged down from the top of the volcano! How is that Centre of the Earth? And how often is a ride cancelled, this was our first experience in all our Disneyland visits! We told Eddie he really has to count his lucky stars, cos that was probably the 2nd scariest ride in Disneysea (the scariest may be Raging Spirits which had a 360deg loop, we don't know, we didn't try) and he was about to take it!

The rides in EuropaPark, Germany, that we went to when Brian was about 7/8, were much more exciting and scarier than anything in Disneyland. What I've noticed is Brian has become less brave as he grew older. He's now more hesitant to take scary rides, strange huh? In EuropaPark, he wanted to go on every ride, and I really hated that, especially those with almost 90degree plunge...SHRIEEEKKKK!!!

This was Arabian Coast, nice to walk around, but nothing very much to play here. The kids enjoyed the double-decker Caravan Carousel though.

I thought we were kiasu enough, apparently not, couldn't get to any of the Aladdin Genies in time, everyone went straight for them. We made do with boring old horses.

Sean looking like an Arabian sheikh as he shields his head from the glaring sun.

Eddie likes to indulge Brian in these games. They never ever win anything, and the money could be used to buy any soft toy they want. Silly. Three chances to roll ball on to the gold plate; there's a gap after the gold plate. As usual, Brian didn't win anything.

Sean's favourite place in Disneysea; Mermaid Lagoon. This has lots of rides for smaller kids, and there was hardly any queue.

The Whirlpool, similiar to Disneyland's teacups.

Blowfish Balloon Race.

Jumpin' Jellyfish.

Many other fun rides for tiny ones here. There's also Ariel's Playground for kids to explore. Lunch was delicious too, in a restaurant inside Mermaid Lagoon, called Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen. Check out their scallop-shaped sandwich, yummy.

We went on almost every ride, including Indiana Jones, Sinbad's Storybook Voyage, Stormrider and Aquatopia. The boys and Eddie went on Fortress Exploration, which they said was fun; I just sat around recuperating. We even had time for another round of Mermaid Lagoon rides, so Sean was really happy that day.

Disneysea was a million times better than Disneyland, everyone agreed, and if we were to return to Tokyo, we'd definitely do Disneysea again, and probably skip Disneyland.


monlim said...

I enjoyed Disneysea more too. Anyway, the rides are a lot more modern. You are so brave to go on Journey to Centre of Earth! I chickened out of that one. Did you go on the Flounder's Coaster? (the one for kids?) I accompanied Andre on that one 5 times! Very fun.

I think as the kids grow older, they start to know fear. Lesley-Anne was never as chicken as she is now - she went on some coasters when we were at Gold Coast (when she was about 8), now she won't even go on the kiddie coaster!

Lilian said...

Aiyohh I wasn't brave at all, I was clueless. Assumed Journey to the Centre of the Earth was just something that went down down down, like 20,000 leagues under the sea.

No wonder Brian was reluctant to go on it. I kept saying don't care, we've got the fast pass, you're going in with me. When we got out, I was in semi-shock, and said, "Gosh I didn't know it was gonna be THAT!!", he stared at me and said, "How could you not know?" I said, Why didn't you say something then! Smarty pants. I wouldn't have gone on if I had known it was that plunge. Yikes.

Oh yes, we went on Flounder's Coaster, loads of fun.

Alcovelet said...

Don't think so leh, Monican. My guy is Mr Chicken. He didn't like Disney Sea AT ALL cos everything is so much more eerie and dark than disneyland. We did the 20,000 leagues ride and he still says till today that I tricked him into it! For us, it was Small World and Buzz Lightyear again and again and again, groan.

Lilian, Sean is ENJOYING himself tremendously! A few more days and he'd have been begging not to leave!

Lilian said...

Adeline, RK still very young. Sean was very apprehensive about most rides until maybe end of last year. Now he's keen to go on all the kiddy ones.

Aiyah, Sean was extremely cheerful only when it came to Disneysea. Subsequent days saw him back in his cranky mood. Troublesomelah bringing this one for holiday, fussy like anything.

monlim said...

What was the ride like, just out of curiosity? Was it like an indoor coaster or just a plunge downwards?

Did the kids like Indiana Jones? I still think that ride is so cool!

Lilian said...

It's like a winding path, so pretty jerky, and then it stops for a few seconds, a door opens up, and all you see is the sky, and then you look around and realise you're at the top of the volcano and PLUNGE!!!

Only Brian and I went for Indiana Jones, we used our priority pass, and we found it all right, one of the better rides in Disneysea/land. Brian thinks it's a bit like Journey to the Centre of the Earth but without the plunge.

Anonymous said...

Lilian, I'm taking down the names of the horrid ride, if not my husband will bluff me to go for it.


Anonymous said...

Btw, I couldn't load the blog entry before this, dunno why...*so sad*


Lilian said...

hahahaha, don't be a scaredy cat lah, go try it, won't die one!!