Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Storyboard: Anne Frank's life

I dug up Brian's old exercise books from UK and found this storyboard in his Humanities book. I don't remember seeing this before. Done in February 2007.

Anne Frank's diary, comic-ally.

Detailed panels:
1. Hitler was elected president of Germany.

2. Anne Frank's family moved to Amsterdam but it was invaded by the Germans.

3. Anne Frank's family went into hiding.

4. The Gestapo found out about it. They went to Westerbork.

5. Some Jews were chosen for death.

6. Anne caught typhus and died with her sister Margot.

7. Otto Frank found Anne's diary.

8. Anne's diary was published.

Just realised every panel has the word "Wah!" in it, fella trying to be funny.


Alcovelet said...

I think he got the"wah" from his mummy ...

monlim said...

I like this one! Lesley-Anne was looking at this and laughing. it's really funny!

Brian's level of English is way beyond his years. Looks like Sean might follow the same way?

Lilian said...

Well, considering they are effectively monolingual, they should at least try to be good in that one language.

I did notice that his teachers, both here and in London, like to get the kids to draw illustrations for their writing. Dunno why.

Dutchess said...


Your boy has a sense of humour. DS has to do lots of illustrations with his written English homework too. Perhaps the teachers are trying to make them visualise and hence, the lesson has more sticking power?

Dutchess said...

Just an after thought: Hubs and I went to the Anne Frank house on a day trip to Amsterdam last year. The rooms were not spacious but not cramped either given the circumstances and they had a working toilet and kitchen but to have to live in total silence and darkness... really wah!

Lilian said...

Yes Dutchess, I guess that is the reason for getting them to draw. They have something called Literature Circle now, where the kids in a group of 4 take on different roles when discussing a book. Even for this, drawing of some sort is required. And Brian's drawing even at age 11 is still stick-figures :)

So you know the Wah! is actually like wailing Wah! right? Not our "Wah! So solid!" Wah! :) I think to be clearer he should have written Waaah! hee...

In Frankfurt, when taking the U-bahn, I used to pass the street where Anne Frank's original house was...there was a sign saying so, don't know what the historical significance of that house was though.

Dutchess said...

The characters were being gassed and incinerated, of course it's wailing wah and not whoo hoo wah seh! *giggles*

I think the only significance in the German house is that's where Anne and her family lived before Hitler went pyscho and started killing the Jews.

Lilian said...

Maybe they thought it was the biggest oven in the world, so go Wah seh...

aiyoh, I'm gonna get stoned talking rubbish like this!