Thursday, October 16, 2008

Question time again

It's been some time since Sean asked questions in a machine-gun like manner, like he did more than a year ago, see this and this.

Last night, out of nowhere, he came and plonked himself on my lap and said, "I want you to put my questions on the email thing." I usually type whatever he says on my gmail and save it as draft.

What is wood made of?
Are termites relatives of ants?
How fast is light?
What's a text? (points to the word Plain Text on my gmail page)
What is quantum theory?
What do devices mean? Like electrical devices.
What's a million times a million?
What does invisible mean? (haha, he's seeing something on my gmail chat)
Is there such a thing as z-mail? Like there's email and gmail and I think there's sea mail.
How does your brain work without anything to control it?
How many ants are there in the world?
What's a nano-second?
How often do you get mail?
Why do leaves lose their chlorophyll in autumn?
If the bigger you are the more things that orbit you, then why don't I orbit my mummy? I stopped and went HOW DARE YOU!!!! He giggled.

He paused, "That's all."
Me: Oh, I'm sure there's more, I like it when you ask lots and lots and lots and lots of questions.
Sean: That would be only when I was young.
Me: :(

Half a minute later,

Sean: Actually, why don't people want to be naked?


Alcovelet said...


bACk in GERMANY said...

He's so funny...
Thought the last bit he says has some truth in it... before the question on being naked of course. :)

Lilian said...

That last bit that you said had some, you are talking about him saying "that would be only when he was young" not the bit about him orbiting me right?

Yalah, feels like he's growing up, and will soon lose that cute innocence. Even the questions he ask now are not so filled with wonder, they are all things he either already read about or knows the answer to.

So why exactly don't we all want to be naked? :)

monlim said...

Because the world will go blind with our flabby bits in full view.

Aiyoh... he's so cute... hang on to that innocence while you can!

Lilian said...

haha, if everyone's naked all the time, we'll get used to seeing flabs, and they won't look quite so scary anymore.

aiyoh, I'm hanging on for dear life...I have at most another few years of this cuteness.

Anonymous said...

He's so lovable I want to hug him!!

So what answer did you give him?

Well you can turn it into a Garden of Eden object-lesson ..

Oh yes I'm so, so treasuring my son's 7th year.. He's at that age when he's thinking processes have become complex enough for him to be interesting yet he still has that emotional dependence that makes him 'nice' when with his parents. Older kids need growing emotional independence from their parents which makes them act out in antagonistic & tetchy ways ESPECIALLY when with us.. :-(


Lilian said...

I just laughed and have not given him an answer. Garden of Eden lesson possible, but not really sure I want to plant the idea that nakedness is something to be ashamed about.

I think I'll turn it around and ask him Why he doesn't want to go around naked.

7 years old, yes, still a very sweet age. Hug him tight and all the time you can; pretty soon he won't let you do it in public anymore.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Oops... not the orbiting bits either... I meant to say, he thinks you found him cute coz he's still young...

Enjoy your children's childhood... :)