Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home of bread & honey

I'm not a fan of honey and actually dislike the taste of it. But mums from school have been talking about the fantastic honey from the annual Russian Honey Festival currently happening in Moscow; honey farmers from all over Russia gather to sell their honey and honey products.

Yesterday, I was able to taste some of this honey, as Noriko, a mum from school, invited me, May & Minako over for coffee/lunch. I was bowled over. In the mosaic above, you'll see bread baked by Noriko (using Japanese recipe and which is utterly excellent) and 4 different honey which I spread on the delicious bread with butter. My favourite was the white honey right at the bottom, I can't describe the taste, it's not pungent, and not overly sweet. The yellowish one has pumpkin in it, the whitish one above that has a flowery taste and there was a clear one which I didn't try.

Now I'm tempted to make my way to the honey festival, which ends October 10. Here we are in Noriko's beautiful home of bread and honey :) Besides bread and honey, Noriko also served up some delicious Japanese salad and pork, while I brought curry chicken and prata (easy-lah) and we concluded with a host of different kinds of desserts. Aaarrggghhhh, there'll be a price to pay for the sugar overload!


monlim said...

I'm also not a honey fan, but these look great. Problem is that it's hard to know what to buy, since you can't try the ones in the jars and some of them are pretty expensive.

Lilian said...

At the festival, you can sample all the honey to your heart's content. My friends say just remember to bring your own water, cos after tasting so many different types of honey, you stop being able too tell the difference. Need to gulp down water to wash away the taste.

When Brian saw my blog, he went huh? you had honey? i love honey! I had forgotten he liked Manuka honey. So I've got willing company in Brian if I want to make my way to the festival.

Alcovelet said...

What a coincidence. There was a Kyushu fair at Isetan just last week, and they had a honey section. There was a selection of honey from a variety of flowers. We bought Acacia honey - very light and very delicious. it's quite expensive but even so, the whole lot sold out. Manuka is the healthy one, but that's precisely the one RK dislikes, darn.