Tuesday, October 14, 2008

English: Peter Pan meets Garfield

In this assignment dated 20 June 2007, Brian's teacher told them to write about two characters meeting each other.

Garfield: Hello, what's your name?
Peter Pan: My name's Peter Pan.
G: My name's Garfield. Do you have any lasagne?
P: No, I don't. What's lasagne?
G: You don't know what lasagne is? Poor child. Why are you at this New Year party? You look far too young.
P: Well, I am a story character. I'd never known what a party was, so I flew here. Why are you here?
G: I knew there was a lot of food at parties, so there would probably be lasagne. Excuse me.
(Garfield dives into a large pan of lasagne, eats it all, and shakes himself dry, spraying everyone with tomato sauce in the process).
G: That was delicious. So, did you say you could fly?
P: Yes, I can fly. I also have my own fairy. Her name is Tinker Bell.

Unfortunately, the assignment wasn't completed, we must have left school around then. But Peter Pan meets Garfield for an assignment on two characters meeting? I wonder if Singapore teachers would accept this. Brian's teacher's comment was "Great so far".

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