Tuesday, October 14, 2008

English: Pen-pal letter

I'm pretty sure this would be marked poorly by Singapore teachers, "Unrealistic! Too outlandish." In UK, this was perfectly acceptable.

Assignment: Letter to a pen-pal.

Jewel Castle
Sparkling House
Crown Lane

29 January 2007

Kew Green Prep School
Layton House
Ferry Lane

Dear Friend,

My name is Prince Lepidopterano III. I have a private jet and a luxury cruise boat. I have ten dogs, nine cats, eight tigers, seven snakes, six rabbits, five hamsters, four lions and a cute pig, all tame and not any trouble at all. I have a cinema where I can watch the latest movies and I own all the toy shops in my country. I have a million dollars in my bank account which is under the name of Cocopactes. The walls of my house are inlaid with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other diamonds. If you like, I can arrange for you to go on my luxury cruise boat.

Yours royally,
Prince Lepidopterano III

ps Just call me Lep.


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