Monday, September 08, 2008

Sean's birthday Part 2

I spent much of yesterday baking cupcakes and decorating them. The outcome of my labour.

Well worth the effort; I just got back from school and the cupcakes were a resounding success. There were just 13 kids in his class today (including Sean) and they finished up all 25 cupcakes. One of the boys exclaimed, "This is WAAAAYYYY GOOOOOD!!". Another girl came up to me and said, the cupcakes were very polite.

But seriously, what do kids know right? As long as there's lots of sugar and sprinkles, they'll all be happy campers. These cupcakes I baked were really terrible.

You know the hokkien saying, "Ho kua bo ho jiak" which means What looks good on the outside may not be so on the inside; but the literal translation is, Good to look at, not good to eat. These cupcakes were so bad. I usually bake vanilla cupcakes and they'd taste really yummy and soft, like kueh baulu. But Sean insisted that his friends would prefer chocolate cupcakes, not vanilla. So I added cocoa to the recipe, a bit too much, and the cupcakes ended up really hard and crusty, yucks. I was really worried the kids were gonna complain that the cupcakes were like rocks and chuck them away.

Here are his friends preparing to sing him his birthday song. This boy is already 6 but he still doesn't seem to be aware of what's socially acceptable and not, and can be really rude.

When the children started singing, he stuck his fingers into his ears the entire time, cos "they were too loud!". So impolite...tsk tsk.

Take huge deep breath!...and BLOW!!!

Clappppp!! What did you wish for Sean?

My little boy of simple needs grinned: An orange.


bACk in GERMANY said...

Cupcakes are so pretty!!!
Never mind about the taste lah... cupcakes for really only for the decorations! ;)

O yes... adding just cocoa powder is fatalistic - made that mistake once too. Maybe you could try melting 200g of milk choc instead, and add it into the cupcake batter. Dark choc could be too drying too. Or use a brownie recipe instead? Don't know what I'm talking about too... haha, baking also not quite my department! :p

Lilian said...

Aisay, I should have sought your advice. Really didn't think a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder would make such a drastic difference. That's why I don't enjoy baking...everything needs to be so precise.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Yep... it's like a science experiment... or making a bomb??? Haha!!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi there, beautiful cupcakes! :)

I have been an avid reader of your great blog! Lots of interesting posts and gorgeous pictures. Because of how much I love your blog, I have nominated you for a blog award. Please check out my blog for details. :) Will be coming back often.

Lilian said...

Awww, thanks for the uplifting words and blog award :) I just saw the bento boxes in your blog, omigosh, your devotion to your kids' nutritional needs puts me to shame! I think I'll start a new bento hobby now, watch out world! haha, my kids will definitely cry and wail...but I don't care, Shaddup and eat your avocados! they're good for you!

Li Min said...

Lovely cupcakes!

Sean is a lucky boy! And I hope he gets his oranges! haha....

Lilian said...

Thanks Li Min, you just reminded me, we're out of oranges, gotta buy some later :)

petite fleur said...

It's all in the presentation. The cupcakes look great & sometimes that's all that matters.

Haha I love how Sean's wish was an orange.

Lilian said...

Thanks Petite Fleur :)