Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scrapblog LO No.3

This is fun. Off to bed now. Yes, I know it's 930am.


bACk in GERMANY said...

Really nice this one, with the rock concert layout and entrance to Gorky Park with Scorpions singing in the background!

I see you are already getting the hang of it...

ask you a stupid question har:
How do you keep Brian's red jacket, while losing the rest to just b/w?

haven't been around blogging... just discovered youku.com, and I'm so hooked now!

Lilian said...

xie2...this is my favourite so far.

No wonder you've been so quiet, instead of cat, became mouse. This youku site, everything in chinese huh...I think I saw Heroes there, if Season 3, must tell Eddie.

For red jacket, I used Picasa's Focal B&W, just click on the jacket, and choose Focal B&W.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Eddie would love to know that youku.com already has Heroes Season 3! 1st 3 episodes... am gonna watch them now!

Just search lah, with the series name and then mouse over the link. The file names will still have to be in alphabet... so it's quite easy to guess which season and episode it is.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Monica, if you're reading this, I just finished watching Brothers and Sisters Ep 1 of Season 3 on youku.com!

monlim said...

Thanks Cindy! Can you believe we haven't even had season 2 here yet??? I hate SG tv. I sometimes end up just buying the dvds. I love House too.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Monica: What are you waiting for? Online streaming for Season 2!
Oh... I've only watched House, dubbed in German. Haven't watched right from the beginning... yep, quite entertaining with the eccentric doctor.

Lilian: I assume you've been watching all day?!

Lilian said...

Where got time to watch aiyoh...morning meeting with some parents from Sean's class. Followed by coffee & lunch at a Japanese mummy's house. We chatted till time for school run.