Saturday, September 13, 2008

Panicking from Kernel Panic

My beautiful iMac G5 died on me some days ago. She experienced an error called Kernel Panic. For some time now, she's been making funny sounds, like she was moaning in pain. But why should she? She isn't that old, I got her when I was in Frankfurt, maybe in 2005. I won't be buying another Mac anytime soon; we just aren't techie enough to harness an Apple's full capabilities.

I wasn't too bothered when I found out she was dying (or already died). I've not been using her in the past year or so since I bought a Dell laptop last year. Brian's been using the Mac very often to play internet chess, watch Korean drama on Youtube, get on iGoogle and Eddie too uses it for simple surfing. So they're the ones affected, not me.

I told them they are not to use my Dell since they were the ones who worked the Mac to death. So far, they have not come near my computer; how could they?...I'm on it all the time :) Brian wondered why I wasn't more upset (ie why I didn't scream at him more)...I replied, you not being able to surf the net is punishment in itself */followed by mother's evil laughter.

BUT this morning, as I made a final attempt at resurrecting the Mac, I realised that I may not have any back-ups of all the pictures in other words all the pictures when we were in London up till last summer. Now I'm upset. I'm calling Malacca but mum's not picking up; wanna check with her if I passed her the disc of her visit to London and our holiday together in Paris.

I just snapped at Eddie this morning and he said, "Eh? How is it my fault?". "Well, you're the one who's always stopping me from uploading pictures on the net. I could still have all my pictures if I had uploaded them!" (yeah I know it's my fault for not backing up! I kept procrastinating; didn't know a Mac was so lauyah!)

The Mac may or may not have died from Kernel Panic. I've tried Disk Repair, Reinstalling the Mac OS, to no avail. I'm sure I'm not doing it right. Also wondering if it makes financial sense to send her for repair here in Moscow or just write her off. If anyone knows a good place to get my Mac repaired in Sg, do let me know.

In the meantime, fingers' crossed my mum does have the disc. I'll be sooooooo gerammmmm if she doesn't!


bACk in GERMANY said...

So sorry to hear about the photos... please, please please... fingers crossed... Lilian's mom still has the CD!

Lilian said...

Thanks dear. Well, my mum wasn't sure if she had the cd, and there wouldn't be that many pictures in there, mostly of her and the kids, which I burnt for her to print in Malacca.

So I was soooooo pleased when I discovered last night that I did back up my London pictures but only up till Feb 2007. Better than nothing. Maybe the rest will turn up somewhere. Please cross your fingers again!