Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Korean at Korston's

Lots of people have been telling me about this Korean restaurant south of the city that's pretty good. It's in a casino/hotel called Korston. I finally made my way there for lunch with another school mum. I hardly venture out to restaurants cos of a a huge deterrence, Moscow's notorious traffic jams. Today, we left the school at 1015am and arrived at the restaurant at 1130am, without traffic it would take us maybe 30 min MAX.

Last week, we took the boys out for a rare dinner on a weekday; never again; we left home at 5.15pm; arrived at 6pm, which was really fine (under normal traffic, it's about 20 min). We were done by 7pm BUT was stuck in terrible traffic that we only got home at 9pm. Two hours...CRAZY! I could have gone to Kuala Lumpur from Malacca with 30 min to spare.

Enough about traffic, well, I enjoyed the lunch at Korston's Korean restaurant. The main dishes we each ordered were just so so. What I loved most were the plates of appetisers that came with your main meal. See picture below. These were all free! I enjoyed these much more than the main dish and would have been happy to eat these with rice alone. Delicious!


bACk in GERMANY said...

Hey... what do we know? Today's apparently Korean only. Bao and I met up with other ladies living around Frankfurt for a Korean lunch buffet in Koenigstein...yummy! But it took Bao only 20 min to drive there :)
Don't hate us ok... We didn't cause the traffic congestion in Moscow!

Lilian said...

I am staring daggers at you.

I wonder if this is the same restaurant my friend was telling me about. Not sure if you know this lady, Lai Eng, her hubby works for Star Alliance and they've lived in FRA for quite a number of years. I was on the phone with her during Mooncake festival day and she was updating me about the restaurant scene in FRA and said something about a Korean bbq buffet.

Lilian said...

Oh, she also said Iroha's standard has dropped. One less reason for me to visit FRA.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Urm... no bbq buffet. This place looks like a Korean home. I think the restaurant is called "Lee Restaurant". Friday is sashimi day!

Iroha... not sure if standard has dropped coz I haven't been there for a long time. My husband did not complain much about the food. He was just there for business lunch today. But he noticed a price hike!

Come lah... I know this place with matcha latte - so you right, Miss Ocha?

Lai Ying... met her three times briefly, @ Iroha, FIS and Stacy's place. Seldom see her coz she lives in Taunus and me in the Stadt. Always no car :(... e.g. Bao has to pick me up today!

Lilian said...

Oooh, why didn't you guys wait till Friday then? I LOVE Sashimi.

You live near Palmegarten right? I love Lai Eng's place in Bad Homburg, she is like the Homemaker Extraordinaire that we all aspire to be...aspire only lah, can never achieve.

I'd love to take the kids back mainly to visit our old place in Sachsenhausen. Maybe Sean can visit his teachers in his old kindy near the house. But Raphie and Joyce are moving soon, don't think we have any chance to ever stay in that house again :(

Lilian said...

What were you doing in FIS? Your kids go to the kindy in American Embassy right?

bACk in GERMANY said...

We were @ FIS with Casey and Stacy's kids for the apple fest/fun-fair/garage sale 2 years back.

Yes, Raphie and Joyce are leaving soon... end of this month? haven't met them yet coz my husband can never arrange a date in advance! Call people up last minute and then other people already have plans... argh!
Cannot stay at other SQ people's place?
Wanna all cram into our place or not? If the boys play Wii the whole night, I don't suppose there's gonna be much sleeping anyway.. I know what you are thinking: Don't even dare covet our Wii!!!

Gotta come quickly... between now and early November. Movers coming in mid Nov already... then we'll move into temp apartment.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Don't mean to jam up the comments page here... :D

My kids are in the American preschool within Frankfurt city. Only found out today that we could tong-pang the school bus at the American community to go to school at ISF (at some costs, of course). But that would not have been for long lah... just 4 months tops for Bryan to experience the international school scene... so we stay put at American kindy: Small ratio 1 teacher to 5 kids!

Alcovelet said...

All this talk about food, and Korean/Japanese at that, ouch. Now I really miss my traveling days! But boy am I glad I quit, with the market conditions like this!! BTW, my Korean colleagues say that when they go to Moscow or Beijing, they always visit the North Korean restaurants cos the women there are really good looking and untouched (ie, no plastic surgery).

But is Korean Sashimi good? I had some in Korea at a top notch restaurant where they used local fish from Cheiju- not as good, I thought?

And talk about matcha latte- best kept North Asian secret! Love!!

Lilian said... have Wii....I should call you Inspector Gadget.

Nolah, the main aim of tumpang-ing them is to let the boys stay in that particular house again. Sean was only 3 when he left; nostalgic-mah, to walk around Sachsenhausen, Main River, show him which toilet I used to lock him up in when he wouldn't stop scream-crying (oops!)...

Alcovelet said...

Lilian, your last comment is too wicked!! I'm doubled over laughing, but *wiping away tears* poor Sean.Anyway, I can't remember if I pressed the send button earlier - here's another comment.

Korean food! Wow! Now I really miss all that travelling! BTW, my Korean colleagues tell me when they're in Moscow or Beijing (can't remember which), they like to go to the North Korean restaurant cos the women there are naturally beautiful (read no plastic surgery).

But Macha Latte! Yumz!

And Cindy, now I wish I can go over to tumpang as well. Wii? That means that free time for Mummy, haha!

bACk in GERMANY said...

Hee... hee... you wanna see my bread machine? Ermmm, my waffle iron... my ermm... what else do I have???
Oh... Alan's got a new Zen from creative when he came back from Sg in summer. K... we are IGs!

Wow... Sean kena locked up in the toilet?!!! Thank you sister... I'm not the only bad parent here! Hee... told them tonight that they'd better close their eyes and sleep... otherwise I'd cane them up tomorrow morning if they can't wake up early enough to catch our bus! Sounds familiar??

Anytime Adeline... between now and mid Nov... cross out the last weekend of Oct though.
If not, we'll be moving Wii back, for sure. So swing by then!

Got Matcha latte in Sg? Pray tell!