Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting active...doing our part

Eddie and I are always volunteering each other when it comes to getting the boys out of the house for walks/games/playground/swimming. It's always, "Boys, do you want to go to the playground." "YES!!!", "Okay, Mummy will bring you down." I'll protest, "NOOOO!!! You gave them the option, YOU take them there!"

We finally agreed this isn't helpful at all and compromised, we'll take turns to get the kids to MOVE. One day I'll take the boys, the next he'll do it. It's not exactly easy when the boys would rather play monopoly than get out of the house.

So here are the boys finally getting active yesterday evening. They actually jogged a lot more than I'd expect. When it was time to stop, instead of walking to cool down, they started getting distracted and began to look for clovers instead (last picture on the right frame).

So I've done my part, Eddie has to keep to his end of the bargain today or else!

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