Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Blue Marble

Many of you would remember "The Electric Company", "Sesame Street", "Muppet Show", but how many of you know this show, "Big Blue Marble". It was by far my favourite educational show from my childhood. I remember watching this in the afternoons after school with my siblings, we loved it. This was in the late 1970s, I was probably 8-10 years old. The show celebrated multiculturalism, we got to see how children in other parts of the world lived, and there was also a pen-pal segment.

Lifted from here:
"Acknowledged as one of the greatest children's educational/entertainment programs of all time, BIG BLUE MARBLE is a truly global magazine show for all kids, ages 5 - 14.

BIG BLUE MARBLE is the recipient of:
- Thirteen Emmy Awards including "Best Children's Informational Series" and "Best Children's Entertainment Series"
- The George Foster Peabody Award
- The New York International Film Festival Grand Prize
- More than 100 international festival prizes and awards"

One particular segment that really tickled us (and I often fantasised and wished that it was true) called "If Children Ruled the World...", turned the tables on parents; with spoofs about kids ruling over parents.

Googling for this post, I found summaries of the show, and among my favourites from this segment:

- "If Children Ruled the World" they would give their parents educational presents. In this spoof Mom gets The History of Housework.
- This segment pokes fun at the dress selection a mother makes. The daughter urges her to purchase "that sweet pink one" instead.
- "If Children Ruled the World" they could try out new recipes on their parents. This spoof shows a young boy getting the ultimate retaliation on his parents--peanut-butter soup.
- The topic in this program is friends. The child reprimands her mother about her choice in friends.
- This week the son goes over his mother's report card. Her "D-" in ironing reveals that she is simply not ironing up to her potential.

and my favourite (cos I do this to the boys every single school day! What an annoying mum!):
- The son asks his dad a typical "dumb question": What did you learn at work today? The father mumbles, "Nothin'", but this child won't take "nothin'" for an answer.

Click on the Youtube video above if you can (once maintenance is over), that song brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it. There are over 200 comments on that Youtube video, I was surprised other people remembered this show too. If only they still air shows like these, I know my kids would love them.

What shows do you remember from your childhood?


bACk in GERMANY said...

Definitely the classical PBS Sesame Street, Muppet Show, The Electric Company and 3-2-1-Contact.
Of course, my top favourite was/is the Electric Company.

Can't remember the Big Blue Marble though... Got meh?

Wow... the song is so hip...

Lilian said...

Either you were too young or they didn't show this in Singapore.

Theresa said...

Care bears and full house. Werent into educational shows much when we were young, mainly cartoons :P This would be in the 80s.