Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy muddle-headed week

It's not been a good week for me. I came down with something on Tuesday or Wednesday I can't remember now. Had fever, bad sore throat, all over achy feeling. I have not been sick for at least half a year, quite a run.

Anyway, I felt really lousy. I'd go to sleep at 7pm, telling the boys to get themselves cleaned and ready for bed themselves. They were sweet, coming down to lie beside me, and telling me I'm so warm, asking me how I was etc. Brian even came up with some internet remedy for 'summer cold' (yeah, he diagnosed me with that!), saying I should have green tea with honey and dunno what else.

Well, by Friday morning, I was still having a splitting headache but I had something important to do. Interview some part-time housekeepers I've arranged to meet at a shopping centre near my place. This was around lunch-time. Sean had McDonald's and I remember buying an ice-cream cone for him...there is a point to this rambling. Okay, so I found the right candidate, showed her my place and that was it. Was pretty pleased with myself but still went to bed at 8pm feeling physically ill.

Saturday morning. Woke up and prepared my fried bee hoon which was my contribution for the evening's potluck session at fairlynew-comers Allan and Michelle's place. Watched a dvd, generally felt better, just in time for a good night out.

We headed out at 5pm, and that's when I realised a horrifying detail, my passport and the pouch it was in were missing, they weren't in my bag. Drove back home. I searched the usual places and then it struck me that I may have left the pouch on the ice-cream counter while fumbling with my purse during payment. Omigod! My heart sank, I'm sure my face was drained of any colour.

Went back to the car and first thing I told Eddie was, "Don't scold me, don't scold me, don't scold me"...cos I already felt bad as it is. Unlike in the past, he was pretty cool this time. My head was just so messed up. I kept tracking my steps back trying to figure out where my passport could be. It's an important document, and even more so in Moscow, where we are expected to carry them with us anytime we are out.

I told myself there was no sense worrying too much. Prayed hard, that's all I could do. Of course I moaned and kicked myself so hard, I just hate this muddle-headed side of me (I've locked myself out of the house many times before). Still, I managed to have a great evening.

Got home, did another search and knew the passport was lost. A Malaysian chap lost his passport in Moscow recently and it took him 3-4 months to get his replacement passport, I was told that evening. 3-4 months! Thinking of making police report in Moscow, and all the other redtape involving Malaysian embassy, Russian embassy for new visa etc, I just felt like shit lah.

That night, I slept and dreamed numerous times about going to the shopping centre and finding my passport at the ice-cream stand. And then kept waking up and realising shikes that was just a dream, your passport's still lost!

Still I kept faith, went for a walk in the morning. And at 1030 am, we headed for the shopping centre, armed with a note written by a Russian friend which said, "I lost my passport and pouch, is it here and where is the lost and found"...something like that.

Heart was beating so fast as we went up the lift. Went to the ice-cream vendor, a girl, and showed her the note. She shook her head. My heart sank yet again.

We found our way to the information counter, showed the note to the security people around there. They got on their walkie-talkie, and then a chap walked in and looked at us and said, "Malayyyy-zieee? Malayyyy-zieee?". I didn't get it at first, but Eddie understood him and said yes. Omigosh, they had my passport. My hands were so cold and heart was still pounding.

Waited another 5 minutes, then another burly guy came out, asked for my name, and passed me my passport; I've never been soooo happy to see a red-coloured little book in all my life! I would have kissed the floor if anyone asked me to. The pouch, passport pouch and whatever petty cash I had in the pouch were gone, but I got my precious passport back.

I flashed them a huge smile, said tonnes of Spaseebas, and we headed back, super-relieved and me going Thank You God dozens of times for coming through for me and saving my behind.

And that's the crazy week I've had folks! Hope yours have been better.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Open House 2008

Pretty busy today. School starts tomorrow and held an Open House today; for kids to find out who their new classmates are, where their classroom is, and who their teacher is. Both their teachers are new to Moscow.

Brian's teacher's from Pittsburgh and Sean's from California. I like it that Brian's got a male teacher this year. Seems like a really nice guy, he said his specialty is mathematics and he taught high school math back in the US. Sean's teacher is American Chinese, looks like a Californian beach babe :) Sean seems comfortable with her.

Really hope for a fruitful and enriching school year ahead for my two kiddos.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Only been a month since...

...I last posted here. It felt longer...I thought I hadn't posted in about 2 months. I don't feel too bad now :) How's everyone been doing?

We've been back in Moscow for 2 days now. Have not fully unpacked. As usual, whenever I'm back in Malacca, I'll get hooked on some sappy Korean drama (just from watching a few episodes), this time it's You are my Destiny, so the past 30 hours have been spent catching up from Episode 1 via Youtube. I watched 40 episodes so far!

The past 2 months have been FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Spent about a month in Singapore, then packed the boys off to Malacca with mum while I flew to Moscow and then London for a few days, back to Singapore for a few days, off to meet the boys in Malacca, then to KL and Genting for a short family holiday.

Pictures coming soon.