Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is not the zoo

My ex-hostel roommate Jen came by after work on Thursday and drove us to IMM in Jurong East. The pictures above were taken in Giant supermarket, not the zoo! The boys had a good time, so suaku, never seen live seafood displayed like that. Brian and Jeryl, Jen's younger boy, ganged up earlier to tease (I call it torture) Sean by asking Why? to everything Sean said. As expected, Sean got upset, but it was fun for the other two boys lah.

I found Ikan Kurau/Threadfin/Ngor hee at a fraction ($18 per kg) of the price I paid at Farrer Market ($40 per kg) and Tekka Market ($30 per kg). So shiok! I bought more than 2 kgs of threadfin, my favourite fish, and something I can't find in Moscow. Giant is great! And I love grocery-shopping in Singapore :)

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