Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer immersion...sort of...

And Brian's off to school in Singapore for 4 weeks. It's actually 3 weeks cos next Monday's a holiday and the next week, he's got e-learning, which means he won't need to attend school. That's when we'll go do fun stuff in Singapore, and I know it'll be really fun cos the rest of Singapore will be in school, so no crowd!

This is the first year in all the years we've been away that I've resorted to putting Brian back to school. This is cos I've found his Moscow school extremely wanting in academic rigour. In the school office, we met 5 other boys also back for summer school. One was also a P5 boy, from San Diego. There was a tiny boy, maybe P1, and a big-sized P6 fella. On the list of boys returning from leave of absence, I saw at least 20 names, so I'm definitely not alone in the kiasuism :)

This is just the best way to enjoy Singapore's education system, which I think is superior in many ways. There's no pressure, teachers have no expectations of you, and yet you learn lots more (at least in the academic areas) than the entire year overseas. And after the one month, you get to go back to holiday camp (or what they call school) for another year. That's a good bargain for any kid, I think :)

ps. I'll write about his impressions of the different education systems later on.

pps. Also submitted Sean's P1 registration today. Eeeks, can't believe he's supposed to be in P1 next year, he's still such a baby!!!


serena said...

Hi! Are you back in S'pore just for a month? Where to after this? Love your globe trotting life style. I'm so green with envy.

Lilian said...

A number of my friends actually pity me for leading such a nomadic lifestyle. To them, there's no better place in the world than Singapore.

Baoying said...

Brian looks really cute in school uniform. P1 registration of Sean? Could it be that you're finally headed back to Singapore?

Lilian said...

Nolah Bao, it's more a contingency plan, so that the boys have a school to go to if we ever get posted back. Many children who are overseas continue to keep their school places by paying the monthly school fees and going on Leave of Absence (LOA). Common practice.

Only his 4th day at school, and his face is getting much darker now! Didn't help that he had swimming at PE today, and it was a hot hot day.