Friday, June 27, 2008

Memory jolting with Jo

With us in this picture is an old friend Joanna. I got back in touch with her through Facebook and have not seen her in at least 6 years. She lives in Florida now and happened to fly into Singapore the day that we arrived. Decided to meet up as we had loads to catch up on. Poor girl, she was actually due to arrive a day before us, but tonnes of flight problems led to her taking 40 hours to arrive in Singapore.

We stayed in the same development about 10 years ago and she remembers stuff about Brian that I'd forgotten. Such as his inability to pronounce L, for example, Brian Leong would sound like Brian Neong. Kallang would be Kanang. So you can imagine how my name would sound...What's your mummy's name? Nim Ni Nian! And how as a tot, he'd love to zoom up and down the long tv console while staring at the console edge with the side of his eyes; up and down he goes, for ages, at a time I thought he might be autistic. It didn't help that every morning, he'd arrange his toy cars at just a particular tilt facing an exact leg of the coffee table, with each car in the same order. In the MRT, he would also shout out the name of every station super loudly, eg Buona Dista (another mispronunciation).

And once, when Joanna and her angmoh husband-then-boyfriend John had a barbecue, Brian (not 3 yet) drank wine, which he must have found in a cup thinking it was Ribena. He came to me all flushed and happy-looking. When I brought him upstairs to John's apartment, he puked at least 3 times. Major panic time for me. Thankfully, the alcohol intoxication did not have any permanent effect on him...aaaahhh, memories :)


bACk in GERMANY said...

Hey Brian... finally someone knows some of your silly stories. You gotta be nice to Anuty Joanna, otherwise you can forget about running for any election 20 years down the road, e.g. your favourite "ribena" drink anecdote, hmmm, scandals will ensue!

Alcovelet said...

Hahaha!! I laughed so hard at Nim Ni Nian!

I wonder though, if those were early signs that he was so bright? Not the "n" bit, but everything else? Perhaps he just had a different (ok, slanty) way of looking at things?

But ah yes, memories. Nothing like old friends to relish old times.

Lilian said...

Hehe PP, you remember the ribena advert of the 1970s? You can have some, but not too much -- or something like that, I forget. Brian forgot about the "not too much"!

And what's so funny, Auntie Adenin?