Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun at Dempsey

Brian & Sean with the Tan siblings Kyra and Declan, enjoying french fries and chicken wings at the cafe inside the indoor playground at Dempsey Road. Karen came by on Friday after school and the plan was to have the kids play at the indoor playground, then proceed to Jacob Ballas' Children's Garden for a picnic. But with the entrance fee for the indoor playground at $15 a child, for unlimited play, we decided to let them play there for hours while we hung out at the cafe; food's not too bad there and there are tonnes of magazines to read, comfy seating too.

Dempsey has changed so much, well, I haven't been there in years. The last time I went there, it was to look at furniture. Now the place has been transformed with lots of restaurants (including Jumbo Seafood), cafes (I saw Dome), a beer garden and an expat grocer too.

The kids had tonnes of fun at the playground. After dinner, Kyra went back with Karen while Declan stayed with us for a sleepover.


tealeafs said...

Oh Kyra, the gorgeous, gorgeous girl!

Lilian said...

:) She's got a really sweet, agreeable nature too.