Thursday, July 03, 2008

First visit to the dentist

At a ripe old age of almost 6, Sean finally had his first ever dental health check. We all went to see my favourite dentist Dr Chua from Atria-Pan. It's notoriously hard to get an appointment with him, so I made sure to book this slot the last time I was back in Singapore. I've been seeing him, the funniest dentist I know, since 1996.

He's good at putting kids at ease, and a nervous Sean quickly relaxed after he was given a mirror to look at his teeth while the good doctor counted how many teeth he had; 20. Only then did Dr Chua give him a good clean-up and scaling. No cavities so far, thank goodness for that; ditto for Brian.


Alcovelet said...

Lucky Sean! I want to make an appointment for RK with this chap, but at the back of my mind, I see the scenes of RK putting up a fight and refusing to open his mouth all over again. Can't blame the poor chap - he had 4 root canals by the age of 2 because of Baby Bottle Mouth. That came from not feeding all day and then feeding all night when I got back from work till he was weaned at 19mths. Horrible to think back!

Lilian said...

4 root canals???!!! Poor kid, that would have been traumatising. To the wallet too :)

Alcovelet said...

Dentists make mega bucks! My friend's friend just keeps building houses to stay in, although there must be more to a profession than staring down someone's throat.