Monday, June 16, 2008

Mary's a Reptile???!!!

Before dinner today, Sean was reading The Knowledge: Dead Dinosaurs and calls out to Brian, "Korkor, do you know that reptiles have small brains?"

Brian: Yes, that's why Mary's brain is so small. (Mary is their toy tortoise)
I was loading the dishwasher but immediately perked up: Brian! Tortoises aren't reptiles! They're amphibians.
Brian: No, they're reptiles...Should we search it?

Eeeeks, tortoises are reptiles? Geez, how did I get it in my brain that they're amphibians? How bad am I at Science! C'mon folks, surely I'm not the only one who thought tortoises were amphibians?

While googling, I found this video of a giant tortoise in Galapagos Island...the link caught my eye cos for a time, Sean loved to walk around and chant in an exaggerated manner the name, "GAAAAIR-LAAAIR-PA-GOSSS IS-LAAAANDDDD" on and on and on.


My Gems said...

Oops, I really didn't know that too!

Lilian said...

Ay Vivian, it looks like we're the only two science-goondus around here huh? :)

serena said...

I would have toss a coin because I don't know which is which. Is that worse than you gals? I asked Adabel and she also said they're reptiles.

Lilian said...

Aiyoh, 38-year old me (still 38 yes!) gets trumped by a 5-year old girl!!! Serves me right for not paying attention during science lessons in school :)

Alcovelet said...

The pictures of Brian are so cute!! He may have had diarrhoea, but those cheeks are undeflatable! Sure miss that age, sigh, although I can't I miss the sleepless nights!

Lilian said...

Thanks :) Brian was a lovely, lovely baby and toddler. I had tonnes of fun with him, cos he was always chuckling and had just the best, sweetest demeanour. He made me think I had such fantastic parenting skills, a notion that was quickly dashed when Sean came along! haha...I called Brian the sucker, he sucked us into thinking we were great parents and babies were all sweet, thus sucked into having No2 :)

But one thing Sean had over Brian was that he slept through the night when he was just a few months old. Brian woke me up for milk at 3am every night for more than 3 years, and for years after that I continued to wake up at 3am, body clock gone loco.

Like you, I miss that age too. I wish I could freeze time; I just love their smell, their hearty chuckles, tickling them, blowing kisses in their tummies, biting the chubbiest part of their arms and their backsides :) Actually, I still do the last 3 things regularly!

Alcovelet said...

Now I remember why I only have one. It was so tough, I must have blocked it out! RK was known as the killer crier and the baby who never slept, it was terrible! People still ask me to this day if he's calmed down. He dropped both naps by 12 mths (I mean, what do you do with a baby for so many hours a day?), and never took to the milk bottle - I had to rush back home at lunch to feed, and then feed for another 3 hours straight when I got home. I finally whittled him down to 2 feeds a night by the time I weaned at 19mths. He slept with us, and if I so much as turned my back, he'd yell blue murder. It was the same thing when I paid attention to another baby when we were out on a playdate - major crying! Still though, he was soo cute with round rubber rings on his thighs and arms, ouch. What they say is true- he had that sort of a personality that only a mother can love!

Lilian said...

Hahaha, he sounds like a right terror, that you can't even turn in your own bed! Old people will say you owed him big time in a past life :)

Kudos to you for managing to bfeed him despite working full-time. You must have had extremely supportive employers. No business travels then?

You've gotta post RK's baby pictures, I'd like to see those Michelin-tyre thighs and arms :)