Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Logic 101...or rather Illogic 101

This morning, Sean said to Brian, "Tortoises have chlorophyll because they are green." Brian laughed and said, "Just because leaves are green and they have chlorophyll does not mean tortoises have chlorophyll." Sean retorts, "Yes, it does."

Brian explained that some time ago, he "told Sean that leaves have chlorophyll in them so they are green. Then Sean said tortoises have chlorophyll because they are green."

I laughed and said, "Sean, just because A implies B, doesn't mean B implies A."
He went into face-saving mode and said, "Yes, it does."

I explained, "No, just because having chlorophyll leads to leaves being green, does not mean that if something is green, it has chlorophyll."
Sean: Yes, it does.
Me: No, it doesn't.
Sean: Yes, it does.
Me: Well, Sean is a boy, does that mean all boys are Sean.
Sean giggles: Yes, it does.
Brian: My name's not Sean.
Sean: Yes it is.
Me: ooooookayyy...*gives up*

Later, while having lunch, Sean asks, "Where do babies come from?"
Me: Babies come from me.
Sean: Not all babies come from you.
Me: Well, earlier you said if A implies B, then B implies A. I had babies, so all babies are from me.
Boys giggle and Sean goes: No, they're not....then who's the father?
Me *couldn't be bothered to continue conversation*

After lunch, they had oranges for dessert. Sean notices a dark spot on the skin of his orange (see picture above) and starts getting antsy.
Sean: Mummy, what's this?
Me: I don't know, just eat.
Sean: I don't know either. It must be algebra.
Me: What?
Sean: It's algebra.
Brian laughed and recalled that last week, while he was doing Math, Sean had asked him what algebra was, and Brian had brushed him off with, "It's something you don't know!"
Brian laughs: He doesn't know algebra. So if he doesn't know something, he thinks it's algebra.
Me: !!!

Well, that's Logic in Sean's world for you. And that's all from me for to Singapore in some hours, yahoooooo!!!


Alcovelet said...

Hiarious! BTW, you're coming to Singapore at the right time. There's the Hokkaido Fair at Kimisawa at Isetan, yumz!!

Lilian said...

For a foodie, when is it ever not a right time to be in Singapore instead of Moscow? haha...

Alcovelet said...

Lemme see, Borscht? Stroganoff? Now I know why there aren't any Russian restaurants around!

Dutchess said...

Hi Lilian,

OMG! I think my boy and Sean will get along very well. They have the same kind of logic and sometimes, I want to pull my hair out trying to explain. Other times I just ignore or grunt in agreement because I only have so much hair on my head.

Enjoy your trip!

bACk in GERMANY said...

LOL! Ah... this is the reason why mommies stay at home. A helper will never appreciate such nonsensical remarks.

For me, I'd like to make my kids "perform" for me as some form of comic relief, e.g. just the other day, I asked Bryan how a vulture flew.

He ran around the park, flapping his arms and then after a few flaps, "soared" around. Kristin, on the other hand, was flying around like a chicken. It was so funny that I had to ask Bryan how a vulture "walk". Apparently, he was in total concentration when we were at the bird show at Lake Constance. Try to get your the video. Heee... Alan missed all that cos he's at work!

Lucky you, back in Sg with all the aircon... And school for the boys too? Hey, your tai-tai lifestyle is good leh...

Lilian said...

Adeline: Shasliks can be pretty tasty, but not sure if that is authentic Russian food or not.

Joyce: Dunno if it's a boy thing or what huh? My friends' daughters have much more sensible and logical conversations :)

PP: That must have been quite a sight! You've gotta post the video. Yes, enjoying air-conditioning and also grocery-shopping in NTUC. I was like jakun, going ooh aahhh, at all the vegetable choices, fish choices, everythinglah...things we don't appreciate unless we've lived in places that don't have such stuff.