Monday, June 16, 2008

First the Earth, now the Sun

645am and I wake up. As usual, in less than 5 minutes, I hear Sean coming towards me. He always knows when I've woken up, I dunno how.

This morning, after hugging me, he said, "I'm cold. You're hot." Woohooo, I'm HOT!, he means warm of course.

Me: Am I?
Sean: Yes, you are the Radiative zone of the sun. I'm the earth. Guess where my equator is?
I point to his bellybutton: Here.
Sean: has to be a line.
Me: Okay, your waist then.
Sean: Right. Guess where my core is.
Me: Your stomach?
Sean: No! My heart.
He continues: Daddy is the Convective zone of the sun.
Me: What's that?
Sean: It's a zone of the sun. It's after the radiative zone if you count the layers of the sun starting from the core. Photosphere is the surface of the sun. Flares from the photosphere travel at hmmmm, 400km a second. The Chromosphere is part of the sun's atmosphere. And the whole atmosphere is called the Corona.
Me: If you're cold, shouldn't you be Pluto instead of Earth?
Sean: There's winter on Earth, and there's also the South and North Poles.

I then turned on the heater to warm up cold Earth while he runs off to read Horrible Science: Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens where this information is apparently from.

More details from google:
A simple illustration

A more detailed one

Links here, here, here and here.


Alcovelet said...

Your sons ah, amazing! (meant to sound old and creaky. Wait a minute, I AM old and creaky!)

Lilian said...

Aiyah, they are only regurgitating facts they've read. If I spend all my days re-reading the same few books over and over again (and again and again!), I can also talk about Coronas and whatever-spheres.

Alcovelet said...

Don't be bashful, honey! I don't know many (any) kids who can absorb and then regurgitate back like that!

Lilian said...

That's cos their moms don't shamelessly blog about it!

Alcovelet said...

Puhlease! You know how many mummies want incidents like that??

Don't stop blogging!

Lilian said...

I also wanted to say something about what you wrote, "I don't know many (any) kids who can absorb and then regurgitate back like that!"

Actually, kids these days say lots of darn amazing things and know a heckuva lot (RK is a case in point), BUT, unless it's your own kid whom you spend all day with, you wouldn't know(unless their mums blog about it or tell you)...cos the kids aren't gonna spout all their 'gems' around strangers.

If I didn't journal these, no one would think Sean knows much about things like this, cos when he's out with us, most likely, he'll be bickering with his brother or begging him for tortoise talk!

Alcovelet said...

Know what you mean. So good to look back and read who said what. Makes for fabulous memories when we really ARE old and creaky, sigh. Blogging is a modern-day perk. We should take advantage of it!